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  1. Ron Strider

    RI: Officials Warn Of Large Number Of Medical Marijuana Cultivators

    Rhode Island officials warn many medical marijuana cultivators will fail under the state's current setup. The Providence Journal reports 18 businesses have been approved to sell marijuana to the state's three dispensaries. Another 93 applicants are currently in the process of acquiring a...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: Cannabis Business Permit Applications Triple In Sonoma County

    The number of applicants seeking permits for cannabis projects in Sonoma County nearly tripled this week, as those interested in legitimizing or launching cannabis businesses rushed to file before Sept. 1 when the county began applying costly land-use penalty fees. The flurry boosted the...
  3. Mistercpp

    Ohio To Issue Grow Licenses

    Ohio will license 12 large growers and six smaller cultivators for its new medical marijuana industry and require them to be ready to grow marijuana within nine months of getting their initial licenses, according to cultivator rules unveiled Tuesday. Licensed cultivators will be required to...
  4. K

    AK: Cultivators Patiently Wait For The Start Of Marijuana Sales

    Kasilof - In a secured area just off the Sterling Highway a grey, industrial building sits; behind it, four greenhouses stand. Inside those greenhouses awaits next year's round of profitable plants. A few weeks ago marijuana crops filled all four domes at Greatland Ganja in Kasilof. With...