1. Cure day 2.5

    Cure day 2.5

  2. hfpuEF

    First Time Grower - Help!

    This is my first grow. I only have 3 plants outside but not sure when to Harvest. 1 plant looks almost ready the other 2 are not as ready. I live in Central California where it is very hot. Also if I just have a few plants do I really need to cure it after drying?
  3. abzorb

    Curing--can I make it better

    A just got my share of a harvest from a co op and it seems like curing was not a priority which is a shame cause the buds look really good, dense with a lot of tric's but the buds smell very veggie and premature. I received the buds very dry. It does have hints of pine smell and taste so I...
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