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  1. Yellow Tips & a Curl

    Yellow Tips & a Curl

  2. DarionOzb

    Is something wrong with my seedlings?

    Hi guys! New grower here...sstartup 2 more plants about a month ago now. They are showing weird signs though. One was first yellowing up and dying but i waa able to save it by repotting it and water (left in bigger pot) but still seems to be a litle yellow. And the other one (right in smaller...
  3. P

    Leaves curling

    I’ve got two plants who leaves are curling in the edges. What could be the cause of this?
  4. B

    Sporadic browning and curling upward

    Hey all, Back again with another problem. Leaves are curling upward and browning in no particular pattern. Almost like a sunburn. Growing in coco, currently week 6 in bloom. Using AN sensi range with b52,bud candy, overdrive, calmag, big bud all at half doses the whole way through with great...
  5. K

    Issue with curled leaves

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to meet you, I'm new to the forum and I'm on the second cultivation experience. I'm worried about a couple of curled leaves. The color of the leaves is correct, they are just a bit curled. The plant in question coexists with other 5 germs the same day (21 days ago), but...
  6. W

    New Growth Leaf Curl

    I'm growing 3 varieties outdoors: Skunk, Blueberry and White Widow. This leaf curl began on the Skunk and now a couple of the White Widow have it. So far the 4 Blueberries are not affected. Could someone ID what's going on and of course any cures!
  7. B

    Help me leaves are changing colors

    Can anyone tell me why all my leaves would be turning yellow and green and the tips are starting to curl up.
  8. F

    Leaf curl towards end of flower

    I get leaf curl on all strains with about 2-3 weeks to go of flower. I lower ec slightly before flush but everything else is the same i.e temp Any ideas what this could be? Thanks
  9. S

    Heat stress or nute burn maybe?

    2 Blueberry CKS growing atm. They have been great and shown no signs of problems until 2 days ago, one of the plants leaf tips started to curl. The part of the leaf between the veins on this set of leaves also looks slightly lighter colored over the rest of the plant/plants a day before this...
  10. L

    First grow Super Lemon Haze leaf curl up

    super lemon haze leaf curl Up Any idea what I'm doing wrong with my girls
  11. S

    Does it look healthy? Growing right? Why are leaves curling? Cuts these leaves off?

    Hi all, I have 3 questions for you guys... All input is appreciated and thanks in advance. :-) Does my plant look healthy? Growing/budding at the right rate? (This is now 1 week into budding and give bloom food.) Any idea why these 2 top leaves are curling under atm...
  12. F

    Leaves turned yellow and started curling up.

    So I was using coco coir for my auto-flowering cannabis plant. I don't think I overwatered it. So what do you think went wrong? Do you think it's a light burn because I kept it outside? ^ At first it was like this. Then soon :( The plant eventually died. What I wanted...
  13. B

    Leaves Drop After Irrigation

    SOIL GROW Strain - White Widow (Nirvana Seeds) # of Plants -5 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flowering Bucket Size - 6.5 Liter (about 2 gallons) Lights - (1) 250W CFL Elektrox Dual spectrum Nutrients - BioBizz Product Line Medium - BioBizz Light Mix RH - 35% to 45% Room Temperature...
  14. O

    Anyone know how to fix this plant?

    1000w enclosed light temps usually around mid 80's but was hot yesterday while i was at work and was at like mid 90s this seems to be the only plant acting this way he was the closest to the center of the light, im hoping it can be fixed.:yummy:
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