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    First Time Growing Problems

    Hi all, this is my first time growing and I've been doing studying online for weeks. My setups are: -strain: unknown strains from friends from Paraguay -4*2*5 ft growing tent -100*3w LED light with red:blue 8:1 distance of the light to the top plant was about 12' yet I moved it up to 23'...
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    What is wrong with my plant?

    First grow, one of the plants has yellowish leaves, still green but a slight tint. The leaves are also curled down a bit. What could cause this other than overwatering as I don't think I am overwatering and other plants seem fine? Many thanks Sarah x
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    Plant problems - Can't figure it out

    So most of my plants are doing fine. Looking good, a few spider mites here and there but they're under control, but lately just a few of our plants are having weird problems I cant seem to diagnose from the internet. Hoping someone can give me a hand! I think it's nutrients or PH but my mentor...
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