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    Cannabis plant going white and curling up?

    Hi all. I have done a fair bit of googling and cant really find a definite answer so I was wondering if anyone on these forums could help me. A friend of mine has one of his plants that has had the top leaves go white and curl up. Wondering if anyone has any advice. As for nutes and soil etc he...
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    First Time Growing Problems

    Hi all, this is my first time growing and I've been doing studying online for weeks. My setups are: -strain: unknown strains from friends from Paraguay -4*2*5 ft growing tent -100*3w LED light with red:blue 8:1 distance of the light to the top plant was about 12' yet I moved it up to 23'...
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    What is wrong with my plant?

    First grow, one of the plants has yellowish leaves, still green but a slight tint. The leaves are also curled down a bit. What could cause this other than overwatering as I don't think I am overwatering and other plants seem fine? Many thanks Sarah x
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    Plant problems - Can't figure it out

    So most of my plants are doing fine. Looking good, a few spider mites here and there but they're under control, but lately just a few of our plants are having weird problems I cant seem to diagnose from the internet. Hoping someone can give me a hand! I think it's nutrients or PH but my mentor...
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