1. A

    Leaves curling and clawing please advise

    Hi All, My new leaves are clawing and curling, I’m not to sure what to do? I’ve been using product designed to fix any deficiencies over the last few days but have not noticed an improvement. Other then that they look quite healthy except for the odd leaf containing brown spots.
  2. Herrowpreeze

    Please help this little lady: I'm not sure what to do now

    This Bigger bud auto is 8 days out from germination and growth seems pretty stunted. The leaves are also pointing down Any ideas whats going on or what i can do?
  3. L

    Seedlings keep stunting after sprouting! Weird behaviour

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've been consulting the forum for a while, trying to solve this issue on my own, but I just can't figure out what is going on, so I'm asking for your help :) I'm not a new grower, I've been growing pot indoors for about five years, and I usually get good results...
  4. juz420

    Leaves twisted & wavey and ends turned down

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to work out what could be causing these leaves to be all twisted up, the plant that is affected is a GG Allin from Southern Star Seeds (Haze IO), it is the only plant of that strain I have growing, two other strains have been growing healthy under same nutes and light...
  5. P

    My plant that sprouted yesterday sprouted with a cotyledon leave curled

    My plant sprouted yesterday with one of its cotyledon leaves curled up and the plants color is dark green, is this normal ? and if not what do i do to fix it ?
  6. B

    weed plant new leaves are folding upwards

    I just got a clone i been growing for two weeks and yesterday i notice it had some new growth at the top of the plant and some leaves was folding upward,this is a girl scout cookies plant growing under a cfl lighy in my closet,im a new grower and im just looking for advice,keep the idiotic shit...
  7. D

    Leaves on top of Indica plant turning brown and curling up.

    These leaves started to turn brown and got burnt ,dry on top.There doing this under both lights 1000 watt hps lights.Started turning shortly after i flushed with fox farm sledge hammer bushdoctor
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