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curling edges

  1. C

    Need help

    Need help. Im new to growing. Dont have top notch products and just been using tap water. I have been feeding it plant food once every week. Ive done research but still cant figure it out. Im thinking magnesium deficiency? If anyone has had problems like this please let me know what to do ...
  2. P

    Leaves curling

    I’ve got two plants who leaves are curling in the edges. What could be the cause of this?
  3. Ricod306

    Why are some growing and some not?

    Hi guys I'm a new grower and don't know much about growing so here is what I currently achieved, regarding all I know is research from google and if anything is wrong or misinterpreted please correct me. I am growing Jack Herer of which I have 4 plants. Two are growing vigorously, but my other...
  4. serrated edges curling up

    serrated edges curling up

  5. M

    Leaves curling from the side's

    So this is the first time growing in PRO-MIX HP for me, I usually use Fox Farm or Black Gold soil with great results. But this round i wanted to give Pro-Mix a try and I'm noticing red stems and a couple of the plants leaves are curling from the side. Everything is looking really good except for...
  6. A

    a helping hand, please? yellow leaves, brown spots, curling leaves

    Hello everyone! :D I'm in need of a piece of advice for helping my plant friends here get along and be happy :) Now, I have to say I'm new to doing this so I appreciate your patience. Uhm...it's kind of weird asking for patience in this forum, actually. I think it's included in the membership...
  7. A

    Whats wrong with my plants?

    growing in soil, i planted them on January 7th and now some of my plants have yellow tipped leaves and brown spots. please help me.
  8. D

    Got some issues! 1st timer

    i have a few goin from seed and about 8 clones in rooting. The largest sprouted 5/17 and is now workin on its 3rd node and 1st set of 5 finger leaves. It got way hot the other day and i also put it in new soil/container. Now the middle set of leaves are curling up at the edges and turning a...
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