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curling edges

  1. serrated edges curling up

    serrated edges curling up

  2. M

    Leaves curling from the side's

    So this is the first time growing in PRO-MIX HP for me, I usually use Fox Farm or Black Gold soil with great results. But this round i wanted to give Pro-Mix a try and I'm noticing red stems and a couple of the plants leaves are curling from the side. Everything is looking really good except for...
  3. A

    a helping hand, please? yellow leaves, brown spots, curling leaves

    Hello everyone! :D I'm in need of a piece of advice for helping my plant friends here get along and be happy :) Now, I have to say I'm new to doing this so I appreciate your patience. Uhm...it's kind of weird asking for patience in this forum, actually. I think it's included in the membership...
  4. A

    Whats wrong with my plants?

    growing in soil, i planted them on January 7th and now some of my plants have yellow tipped leaves and brown spots. please help me.
  5. D

    Got some issues! 1st timer

    i have a few goin from seed and about 8 clones in rooting. The largest sprouted 5/17 and is now workin on its 3rd node and 1st set of 5 finger leaves. It got way hot the other day and i also put it in new soil/container. Now the middle set of leaves are curling up at the edges and turning a...
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