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curling of leaves

  1. F

    Help! Yellowin/browning leave tips curling up

    Help plants are 2 weeks old and 3 weeks old the more developed is an auto and the younger is a strain by tg_gentics called Enzo's kush ( SFV OG x Pandora's box) TLO mellow mix soil feeding 6.0 ph water with 15ml/g canna rhizotonic 80 degrees F and 40% humidity not sure what I'm doing wrong I...
  2. hawknest420

    Leaves Curling down?

    My leaves are curling downward and the have raised ridges. I read it could be heat stress. THough I don't think it is that since I have been fighting cold weather. Here are some pics. Would love any ideas as to what it might be. OH and this is under T5 lighting and there in Foxfarm Happy Frog...
  3. BlissfulToker

    Plant Issues (Please take a moment to look)

    this particular plant has been grown under a 4' X 2' T-5 fixture (200w) 20/4 light cycle. it has been grown from seed and has been vegging for about 6weeks. it is a little on the small side as are the others that were started. I have used no fertilizers and have only used filtered water. my...
  4. wtfruthinking


    Strain - Kona Gold Hawaiian- Sativa # of Plants - 6 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Flower (estimated time to harvest in 2 wks) Setup - drip Light - 600 Watt HPS Nutrients - General Hydronponics Medium - Grodan Rockwool PPM - 1300 PH - 5.5 RH - 45% to 50% Room Temperature -65 to 73...
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