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  1. D

    Help! Why are my leaves starting to curl and brown on the tips

    So for the past few weeks the tips of the leave shave started to turn brown and curl and a little. What can be the cause of this? And what is the best solution. My plants are all completely outdoors. Cheers!
  2. J

    Yellowing leaves from bottom up

    Hello, Was just looking for some advice. She's about 1 month old and the leaves have started to yellow, curl up, and fall off from the bottom up. But as of this morning the leaves closer to the top are starting to yellow as well. Strain: Jack Herer Light: 24 hrs/day. Compact...
  3. S

    Extreme curling + yellowing - WTH is wrong with my plant??

    hi people, As my grow continues and reached day 20 of flowering, The problems continue... In the last 3-4 days 2 of my 4 plants started to yellow and curl a bit at the tips. didnt seem that serious, thought its probably heat stress. but its getting worse and today it really become visible...
  4. snooper

    Help Please! I think I goofed up - What can I do?

    This is my second attempt. I got lucky with four out of five indoor plants. I have one outside that is growing lovely. I recently discovered the girls between 8 and 12 days into my flower cycle. Two days ago I watered them until it flowed from the bottom of the pots. Some of the plants felt...
  5. M

    Possible Deficiency, Leaves curled upwards, spots?

    Hi everyone ! (NoOb here). First time trying Coco grow and I just recently transferred rooted clones into plastic cups. It has been about 2 week and a couple of the leaves have started to curl upwards a little bit. On top of it a couple of yellowish and brownish spots on the leaves have...
  6. P

    Please help. Leaves curling, tips turning brown. First grow, Newbie

    I apologize in advance if this is too long or has too many pics but I've read that the more info provided the easier it is to get help. Today's date is March 14, 2014. I built a grow box to get started and plan on using the entire room once I transplant to 5 gallon buckets. Currently I have 6...
  7. V

    Help, what could be the problem here?

    One of my plants is now curling its top leaves downwards. I have no clue of what it could be... I have a stable temp in my box, I am feeding with a 10-3-7 fertilizer but now i am doing a pause with ferts. Can anyone help my? Thanks.
  8. V

    Help, what is the problem here?

    One of my plants is now curling its top leaves downwards. I have no clue of what it could be... I have a stable temp in my box, I am feeding with a 10-3-7 fertilizer but now i am doing a pause with ferts. Can anyone help my? Thanks.
  9. R

    Curling, crispy leaves

    What Strain is it? Lemon Skunk Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid, 22% THC How Many Plants? 6 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Vegetative If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 5 weeks If in Flowering Stage... How Long? Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro...
  10. C

    Help! Leaves are curling at tips!

    Hi I am a beginner to all of this and don't know very much so I thought I'd ask on here , I'm on a 60L Wilma system 4 plants on rock wool and clay pebbles, on one 400w bulb feeding about 3 times a day I'm using canna vega nutes and I put them in the tank once a week when flushing, the ph is...
  11. L

    1st time grower & leaves changing

    SOIL GROW Strain -Green love potion (clone), Space Jill(clone), Sour Diesel(clone), White Rhino(clone), Bag Seed # of Plants - 8 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative (Green love potion auto flower strain) Length of time in vegetative state - GLP 5 weeks in veg & showing buds one week...
  12. Optimus PrimeBud

    First 400w HPS grow, can't pin down issues need help

    Hello everyone :slide:, it has been a while since I have last been on here. I have completed many successful grows in the past few years using only a CFL set up. I have finally stepped it up and got a large hood and digital 400w ballest which is dimable down to 250w. and I am using a standard...
  13. N

    Leaves curling up. Why?

    Hello everyone. This is my first grow. I'm growing in Foxfarm mixed with 35% I have ten different strains but in only having issues with amnesia auto and critical cheese auto some of the other strains are showing a tiny but of curl on 1 or 2 leaves but not much. I water when the top 2 inchs...
  14. G

    Curling and yellowing leaves

    Hello All, new to the forum and this is my first post. I had hoped to post some great pics of my babies but looks like I have a problem starting and I want to nip it in the bud. No pun intended. This is my first real grow. I am using a continous Feed Hydro set up with a 150 halide grow...
  15. steevtokes

    Leaf curling mystery

    hey community, havent posted in awhile due to my garden has been doing very well! but i cant figure this one out. 1000w raptor(32"from canopy) 4x4 7" tray 40g res GH nute line(measure to 30g) ph6.2 ventitaltion is prime! 4weeks veg 4"groblock on 2" in a 6" groblock 2 3/4 spacers...
  16. J

    Help Please Leaves Curling Inward

    They are starting to curl inwards from the top, any help?
  17. C

    Help Identify the problem with my leaves, thank you.

    I've read through so many posts but cannot identify exactly what to do to improve the appearance of my leaves. I'm attaching pics to this thread to see if anyone can tell what's wrong by seeing what I see everyday. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.
  18. filmclip

    Mom is sick, please look at my pics.

    Added some moms into a 4x4x7 tent 1 week ago with a 120w LED and four 27w CFL's (100w equiv) Soil grow, (Scott's Moisture Advance, a big mistake, I know) Vegging Feeding GrowMax Water PH always around 6 Soil PH fine as well The tent currently holds 2 indica moms and 1 toddler, 2 sativa...
  19. O

    Anyone know how to fix this plant?

    1000w enclosed light temps usually around mid 80's but was hot yesterday while i was at work and was at like mid 90s this seems to be the only plant acting this way he was the closest to the center of the light, im hoping it can be fixed.:yummy:
  20. P

    Help! Growth stunted leaves drying out and spindly

    Ok. So I am in currently in the second week of flowering. My leaves are drying up, some are curling under like talons, and on most of the older leaves the edges are all dried up. I just transplanted my girl into a 2 gallon pot 4 days ago, and used Organic Black Gold potting soil. I havent...
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