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    Curly two days of hanging upside down cut buds off mains on drying g rack. Tip dressy for jars and final trim .
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    Mostly cloudy little clear ladies and gentlemen I present to you curly by roserva privada man I let them all get away with bad training I’m disappointed in myself even though I feel I learned lots this grow and did okay . Still thank you 420 magazine and roserva privada for the opportunity to...
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    Curly leaves problem

    Hi everyone! I am new and I will appreciate any help. I have 3 greenhowses and only one has a problem with curly leaves. They are curling upward and the tiny leaves on the top are curled like a snails I feed them the same, and taking care all the same way. They have been like this 2...
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    Special Thanks & Please Welcome Curly Beaver To The 420 Staff

    Please join us in welcoming Curly Beaver formerly known as BeaverIslander to our staff as Spambot Patrol. :cheer2: Curly's spirit of volunteerism is inspiring and without the commitment of members like him, we would never be able to continue in our mission. He has been a great addition to our...