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  1. sneekymofo

    Sneeky’s RDWC Wedding Cake, 2021

    The Plan This is my second attempt in this closet with this particular setup. Some things I have to fix BEFORE starting: flip my intake fan to intake instead of exhaust (because the pull on the tent has been so bad with that much suction I feel like I’m going to rip the canvas off the frame - I...
  2. tealatlas

    TealAtlas: RDWC Hydro, Gelato/Blueberry, 2021, First Hydro Grow

    TealAtlas' First Hydro (RDWC) Grow - Gelato & Blueberry! Strains: Feminized Gelato (Hybrid 55% Sativa/45% Indica) @ Crop King Seeds Feminized Blueberry (Indica) @ Forgot Breeder Environment Specs: Indoor Fabricated Grow Tent, 9.5' x 6' x 5'11" Starting Temp: 73°F Starting RH: 50% Hydro...
  3. BB0420

    BBO’s Gelato: Hydro RDWC Grow

    Hello all, I’m starting my first grow journal. I’m not going to make it too long. I’ll get straight to it. But first! This is an exciting grow for me. This is my second grow and my first grow yielded 17oz of White Widow. I made a few mistakes but I am more than ready this go around! Let’s...
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