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  1. floridafinest

    Floridafinest 630CHM First Try At RDWC Grow Journal

    This is my first grow journal so please bear with me. 11x12 fully insulated wired and plumbed by me room. 6x6 mother/flower room 12- Sour dx Lemon kush 2- the white 2- pre 98 bubba kush:volcano-smiley: 4-630w dimlux cmh's DIY RDWC system 16 site 2" feed with dual 1" returns 1" rockwool...
  2. G

    Guido growin autos in Paradise - Yeti Style!

    Here are my shots of my first Auto grow. Technically second, I killed the first batch of seeds treating the like I was still in Oregon. So here it is in a new environment, with new plant types, with new nutes, and with new lights. It is almost done now. She is in the final week before flush...
  3. M

    Madmedscience's 1000W 12 Plant 1st Grow

    hello 420ers :) this is my first grow, im no noobie(not expert status yet neither) I've been around for a few harvest's although none of them were mine, so this will be my first crop :) Bucket Size - 5 gallon and 1 bubble bucket Medium - readygrow soil. Lights - (1) 1000w HPS cool tube...
  4. SteveHman

    SteveHman's Advanced LED Diamond Series - Lucy & Sage - Grow 6.0 - NFT

    It’s time to start a new journal, it seems like these things go so fast. This time around I have switched up a few things. The first big change was in the way I took clones. I have a 60 site ezcloner, and I have 100% success with it. But it has it’s downsides. First, it costs about $350...
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