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  1. Bubble gum cuttings

    Bubble gum cuttings

    Cutting s from 5 bubble gum clones.
  2. Bubble Gum Clones

    Bubble Gum Clones

    X 30 Bubble Gum Clones rooted in rockwool, potted into 1 part worm castings 2 parts All mix on 20/02/20
  3. More " experimental " bubble gum cuttings

    More " experimental " bubble gum cuttings

    Cuttings from Bubble Gum Clones.
  4. Bubble Gum Babies

    Bubble Gum Babies

    Clones from Bubble Gum Mothers from Serious Seeds.
  5. Assorted Cuts

    Assorted Cuts

    Mostly off Mama TK, with two off the Blueberry. More TKs to come from tops.
  6. Humidity Dome?

    Humidity Dome?

    Re-purposed slow cooker
  7. K

    Rooting topped or fimmed cuttings?

    Hello everyone, I've been thinking if trying to clone topped cuttings is a good idea and if someone here has done it? I did a little bit of searching and couldn't find anything about it, but maybe someone here could help me. In the beginning I thought maybe is not being done because the plant...
  8. SweetSue

    Cloning Basics, SweetSue’s Way

    Cloning Basics, SweetSue’s Way This is my adaptation of Lembatoast’s cloning method. The chief difference is I use aloe and he uses Clonex. We have similar success rates. You’ll need: * plant to take cutting from * aloe vera filet and a knife to trim and harvest the gel (cut the tip off...
  9. B

    Hopefully simple question on cloning

    i used to clone a lot but haven't in the last couple years.(had plenty of seeds.) i just put 6 cuttings from ak47 and 6 cuttings from critical sensi star in to clone. it has now been 10 days in rockwool cubes but no roots are protruding from the cubes. i scrapped stems, dipped them in...
  10. T

    Help! Hermie?

    Forgive me, we are newbies and are finding most of our information from google but I'm stumped ! We've noticed pods on our plants, they are cuttings from our previous crop that was fine. I'm unsure if they're hermies and if we should just pull? Thank you !!
  11. philthegeek

    Philthegeek Growing Again

    Hi all, back again after some tinkering. Last grow harvested 5 plants max 50cm high for 4.8 oz of buds. Please excuse the poor quality photos. My current setup. The plants are cuttings @ 15 days "as cuttings". Getting decent root development after snipping, dipping in clonex...
  12. Southerncough

    When to transplant cuttings from bubble cloner?

    Hi everyone, I have an old "Oxyclone" bubble cloner I picked up for cheap on clearance a while back at my local shop and decided to put a couple cuttings in there to see how it'd work. Went out of town for the Holiday weekend and when I returned this morning 3 out of 4 cuttings have at least a...
  13. S

    Cuttings not growing

    I purchase cuttings for my DWC grow and have come across something I never seen. All the cuttings have rooted and are growing fine except one of them. It has great root growth but doesn't show any leaf growth, at all. The cutting has three original leaves on it but nothing new. It has been 10...
  14. 4

    First Clones

    So I took some clones from the Purple Hindu Kush that my cousin has and stuck them in an EZcloner last week and they look a little off I need help. I have been misting with a Verde, Cal-mag mix
  15. A

    Use of Forbid on mothers

    I finally have to do it. I have to do an Avid / Forbid rotation for moms. The mites are winning. I contacted Bayer customer support with the following question: I have recently begun using Forbid 4F to control two spotted spider mites. I know that this is not supposed to be used on...
  16. S

    Cutting clones after flowering

    Thanks for any answers
  17. cbdstealth

    Cbdstealth, CBD Crit Mass Clone x2, The Purp? Mendo? x1, Small Grow, Mar 2017

    2 x Feminized CBD Critical Mass cuttings from my other grow 1 x The Purp seed (believed to be Mendocino Purple) Just before switching my CBD Critical Mass (see journal) over to flower I decided to do some defoliating because the grow box was getting quite crowded. When I did the defoliating I...
  18. Miasma

    Thunderdome The Cloning: Indoor, LED Vegetative & HPS Flower, Aeroponics, Soil

    Grow Journal #4: This journal's purpose is to document clones that I have personally taken from cutting to budding. Any clones that are added to this thread are cut from my own personal plants; since the initial purchase of my growing operation's equipment has already been invested, these are...
  19. A

    Which rooting hormone?

    If a grower had a choice between just rooting hormone for: 1)softwood cuttings 2)semi-hardwood cuttings 3)hardwood cuttings the brand is dynaroot. there is no other brands but that one. which is the correct one? my guess is 1)softwood cuttings is for cannabis but need opinions...
  20. K

    DC: Activists Plan March Of The Marijuana Clones

    After a series of protests in the spring - most notably a mass smoke-in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - DCMJ is once again hitting the streets to advocate for making it legal to take a hit. This time, they plan to march from Dupont Circle to the White House with cannabis cuttings, or clones, in...
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