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  1. Purpsmagurps

    White Cookies Scrog 600W CXB & 600W LED - CoCo DTW With Jacks 321

    Hello again. Going for gold this run. 6X white cookies coco scrog with 3 gallon plain coco OR 5 gallons with 30% perlite. I will be running Jack's 3-2-1 method with Jack's mix of soluble traces, Root enhance, caps bennies, Calcium Chloride, and MKP for a booster. The room is 6x9 and I will be...
  2. TimberGrowLights

    Timber Grow Lights - New Discount Code 420MAG!

    Hello 420 Magazine Members! We are very excited to be back as sponsors at 420 Magazine and are looking forward to interacting with you! Considering lights for your garden? Use our discount code '420MAG' to save $25 off each light, no limit! All of our lights are made with top...
  3. RheinRover

    RR's Winter Grow - Krishna Kush - Black Kush 98 - OGK

    So after a long break of not having my own journal I think its time to fire one up. Doing things a little different around here this time and will be trying my luck with photoperiod seeds. Due to my small grow space AutoFlower is my usual go to but I think with a quick veg time I can keep these...
  4. TimberGrowLights

    Vero & Citizen Kits & Framework From Timber Grow Lights

    Hello 420Magazine, Thank you for your support - we do appreciate it. I wanted to let you know about some exciting new products available now at Timber Grow Lights. We recently launched a new line called Framework - it takes our kits and mounts them on a ready to hang platform - no...
  5. F

    New Room, New Lights, New Strain, Organic, Super Soil, DIY COB Setup

    Whats up, I expect this to take a month or so (maybe more) to get off the ground. I recently purchased all the materials to build a new 8 x 8 sealed and insulated room and I just started framing it up. I have a new mini split that I need to install, I have 20 Cree COB 3590 3500k lights in...
  6. T

    DIY CXB3590 light

    As the title states I took on a little project and made myself a CXB3590 based light to go over my 1m2 grow. I realize my canopy looks quite terrible however that is the reason I made a new light, for even light spread over my grow area. So to the specifics: cob : 9x 72v cxb3590 3500k CD bin...
  7. C

    Cxb3590 combination help

    Hi I looking for the best efficiency and big yield for my tentthe options is: 40x 3590 on 0.7a Or 30x 3590 on 1.4a
  8. TimberGrowLights

    Timber DIY Cree CXB3590 Kits Available Now

    Hello 420Magazine Members, Timber is pleased to announce the introduction of our Cree CXB3590 DIY Grow Light Kits! These kits are designed around the Cree CXB3590 COB LED - considered by many LED growers to be the best - and are a passively cooled design - no fans required. We pre-wire...
  9. JimmyIndy

    DIY Grow Lights Demonstration - Grower Support

    CXB200 and Vero240 are most advanced LED fixtures available. CXB200 uses Cree CXB3590 CB/CD bin 3000K or 4000K options and Powered by a dimmable Meanwell HLG 185H C14000B Driver. Vero240 uses Bridgelux Vero29 3000K or 4000K options and Powered by dimmable Meanwell HLG 120H 36B.All models come...