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  1. DarionOzb

    Is The Flowering Period Always 12 weeks?

    Sup everyone , still new to growing and I’m a little confused on how the flowering period works. I’m growing Bruce Banner and I’ve had them on veg for about 4-5 months. Leafly and other websites say that this strain flowed in 8-10 weeks. And sometimes to harvest a little early for better...
  2. DarionOzb

    Timing the Flowering Cycle

    Hello everyone, I have a question about timing the flowering cycle. You know how dog years is different then human years? Does the flowering cycle kind of work like that? Like, is 8 weeks for us, 8 weeks for the plant? ( hopefully that makes sense) For more detail heres what im dealing with...
  3. Zombikush81

    Started New Cycle GG #4

    started new cycle ... GG # 4 finite 4 weeks of growth ....! I love this variety but I love taking care of these fantastic friends this morning passed into a larger pot ....
  4. M

    Light cycle

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum and apologise if I have missed something on newbie postings but just need a little info. I have heard of people in veg stage tricking the light cycle to keep electricity down by doing 12 hours on 5 off 2 on 5 off. Does anybody know if this is a good idea...
  5. philthegeek

    DIY Autopot Smartvalve setup

    So, doing a rearrangement of the tent to take some clones to flower before i do my next grow from seed. I had a watering system set up that gravity fed via a ball valve tap timer onto watering (felt) mat in trays. Bottom up watering into the pots. Worked ok, but had to get the timer set...
  6. SunnySunny

    My first grow and feeling unsure after 10th day

    Hey buds. Here having my first grow under 1500w led light , 18/6 cycle It was looking nice first< but then it definitely stopped growing. Could it be a problem or is it just rooting ? Could it be because I've move over they cycle. First they had 18/6 (6 hours from 8am) and then I've kept them...
  7. Ron Strider

    CA: The Life Cycle Of A Marijuana Plant At A Palm Springs Dispensary

    "It was Patton's laundry during the war", says Jim Camper as he explained the curious zig zag roof line of his iconic commercial building south of the Palm Springs International Airport. "Those windows up on the roof were cranked open to let the steam escape." Today he operates a...
  8. Mrblunts420

    Germination Of Area 51 Seed Grow 1st 5 Days

    whats up everyone!!!!!!! after my transplant failure due to me nuking the shit out of my seedling, and not haveing proper PH level in my water, I asked for help on here and got amazing advice that i didnt do because nothing to level out my PH. I SHUT MY GROWN DOWN.... I purchased the...
  9. G

    Seedling light

    What's a good florescent light tube to use for my seedlings and what light cycle do I use. They just finished germinating. Thanks
  10. C

    Incredible Bulk Flower Cycle Day 42

    Greetings All: Here are my four IB girls in Flower Cycle Day 42 - organic soil, 4 gallon smart pots 600W HPS 2100K, (2) 24W LED, and (6) CFL's of varying color spectrum 6500K, 5000K, 3500K, 2700K. I'm running H&G nutrients at 50%. My grow room is a renovated storage room upstairs - it's about...
  11. B

    Sleep Cycle Environment Questions

    So, i'm just kind of confused/curious a little.. how does Outdoor MJ Flower and not Hermi/keep high THC potency if obviously it cannot be 100% dark outside 100% of the time due to moonlight??? Also... People say Sound-waves IE speaking to plants and playing them music can affect the...
  12. M

    White Widow auto - Light cycle

    G,day all, I have a white widow auto starting on week 5 today. I have been growing it on 24hr light cycle.Can i change the light cycle to 18/6 and will doing that benefit the plant or not ? Or should i just continue with the 24hr cycle to harvest ?
  13. C

    Indoor light cycle for Autos eventually going outdoors

    What is the best light cycle for autoflowering plants being started indoors and being moved outdoors once they are established? I've been keeping them at the same light cycle that I would a photoperiod so they dont flower immediately once moved outdoors but I'm concerned I may be wasting...
  14. W

    Do I need to keep my fans running during the dark cycle as well?

    Now, newb question here. I understand that the plants basically "sleep" during the dark cycle. So, do I need to keep my fans running the entire time it's dark? How much does that really matter?
  15. StonyMagoo

    Need some guidance

    Sooo...I'm in NW Oregon. I don't have the card. Legally my limit is 4 plants. I'm going to buy 4 clones. The plan is to start the veg cycle in a cabinet, and keep them on an 18/6 or similar cycle for 3-5 weeks. THEN plant those Debil's Lettuce plants in my back yard. I have a LOT of...
  16. D

    Autoflowers and Non-Auto Light Cycle

    Hi, Wondering if someone can help. I have some autos on a 16/8 light cycle which are flowering and one non auto feminized which isn't. To trigger flowering I need to shorten the light cycle for the non auto but I don't want to affect the autos by reducing light. At the moment I don't...
  17. R

    Light during 12 hr dark cycle

    hi everyone...first time here...into our first 12 hr bloom period and curious about whether or not the tiny red "power standby " buttons will interfere during the 12 dark cycle. Growing is fun and interesting but wow! what a learning curve.
  18. K

    Anyone use a strange light cycle for veg?

    so since hydro is ludicrously expensive in my area, i have had no choice but to resort to this strange cycle that seems to be working for me with out issue. 6off-4on-2off-12on (im winding down to bloom:O) anyone else mess around with something strangs such as this? will post pics of the girls...
  19. E

    Fog cloner

    I'm trying my hand at cloning and after doing a fair amount of research I've settled on using a ultrasonic fogger. After playing with the ultrasound element for a little while, it is clear that the fog bed that is produced never gets more than about three inches thick so I plumbed in an...
  20. 1

    Explain life cycle

    I am a newbie and only dealt with auto-flowering seeds. Can someone clarify the life cycle from seed to harvest...what I mean is when does the clock start? Is week one when seed is germinating in water/paper towel? also, if you search and find the strain you want, the only info given is...
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