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  1. Ron Strider

    This Bootstrapped Czech Entrepreneur Sold $500,000 Of Hemp-Based Shoes In One Year

    Prague based eco-friendly footwear brand Bohempia makes shoes out of hemp. Hemp in the US is a contentious topic, often misunderstood because of the plant's association with marijuana. However, with brands such as Patagonia trying to revive the hemp industry, there is growing interest in this...
  2. Ron Strider

    Czechoslovakia: State Drug Administration looking for new cannabis supplier

    The Czech Republic’s State Institute for Drug Control is once again looking for a supplier of medicinal cannabis. Companies interested in the 6.36 million contract can register for the tender by July 6, the head of the State Drug Administration Zdeněk Blahuta told the Czech News Agency on...
  3. R

    Czech Firm To Supply Medical Marijuana

    Costs to patients will be significantly lower than the current imports Domestically made marijuana will be available on the Czech market as of February. It is not the first that will be available, but should be cheaper than the currently available supply imported from the Netherlands...