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  1. Lookah

    Lookah Seahorse Max Dab Pen With Water Filtration

    I'd like to introduce you to the latest product from Lookah, who have just launched the Seahorse Max dab pen vaporizer. This new dab pen is based on the Lookah Seahorse Pro but combines the water filtration cone of the Lookah Unicon. It's a portable water filter dab pen that aims to combine...
  2. Venice Beach Bagseed grow winterized ethanol extract.png

    Venice Beach Bagseed grow winterized ethanol extract.png

    I run out of my weed stash but I got this oil from my Venice Beach bagseed grow. Two more medicated days for me.
  3. IMG_20191128_213524.jpg


    Yup this just happened wicked friends in low places.
  4. D

    First time BHO questions

    So my first time making bho I read alot and decided on making my own extractor I used 2"*4' stainless steel open blaster made myself I packed with fresh bud no trim then covered both end and put in the freezer with the butane overnight next morning I took it out and put it in a dry ice/91%...
  5. O

    Grow - Press - Dab!

    I love Rosen. Nothing like hitting a freshly pressed dab of solventless terpy rosen to hit the spot. I decided to start growing my own organic buds so will start my first legal grow as well. Have gotten so much great advise on these forums so thank you and hi! Will be starting a...
  6. G

    Anybody ever have a dab flame up?

    So im like to heat my banger up till it glows and when i dropped a dab up it kinda flamed up for a second is it just cheap dabs or am i heating my domeless banger up to high? My friend heats his up till it glows then lets it cool down before hitting it but i just feel like it leaves to much...
  7. S

    Look at what they did with this dab art!

  8. S

    SoG Questions

    So, i recently ordered a 4'x4' tent with a 600w HPS closed loop air system with its own 400cfm fan and another 400cfm fan for the tent itself. I plan on doing a Sea of Green and have been doing a decent amount of research and still have a few questions for you seasoned SoG growers. Im just going...
  9. killerbud1

    Awesome 25 strain Blunt

    Me and my friends collected 25 different strains over the course of about a month and rolled a fat blunt with it. Tossed in some wax just for fun :thumb:
  10. killerbud1

    First Time taking a Dab

    My buddies first time taking a dab :thumb:
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