1. Rainy Days & Mondays

    Rainy Days & Mondays

    Today is both. Happy green Monday
  2. Carmen Ray

    Hemp In A South African Context 2019: The Road To New Legislation

    Greetings all. This is more of a question than anything else. Let me frame it. I am hearing conflicting accounts on whether it is viable to grow hemp for biomass in South Africa or not. There is this thesis written by Camilla Coogan for a Masters at Stellenbosch University: The South African...
  3. Carmen Ray

    Dagga: Decolonized; Descheduled, Deregulated; Legalized

    Local Economic Development is tiered from ground level up. The survival, and the improvement of the living standards of all people in South Africa can only happen with Government support and buy-in. This petitions the South African Government to open the way for public debate on cannabis...
  4. Katelyn Baker

    South Africa: Dagga Party - Scrap Cannabis Convictions

    The Dagga Party has called for marijuana related convictions to be declared invalid. The party is arguing that sections of the Criminal Prohibition of Dagga Act are unconstitutional. The matter is being heard in the Western Cape High Court. The party's Jeremey Acton says, "Obviously if...
  5. Katelyn Baker

    South Africa: Amendments On Medical Marijuana To Be Strict

    Johannesburg — The South African Medical Association (Sama) has warned the public that the proposed amendments to allow for the medical use of dagga would be implemented along strict guidelines. "On 23 November, Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Health announced that the Department of...
  6. Katelyn Baker

    The Trial Of The Plant - Should South Africa Legalise Marijuana?

    In 1908 the first law prohibiting the sale of marijuana also known as weed, pot or dagga in South Africa was passed. Fast forward a century later to the present day, a networked group of "green" people have come together in the country to fight for the legalisation of dagga in the High Courts of...
  7. C

    Legalise Dagga - Malema

    Johannesburg - Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Monday said he supported the legalisation of dagga. "We have no problem with marijuana being legalised. It must be legalised. It must be dealt with professionally so that it is not abused and used for wrong purposes," Malema told...
  8. S

    The Dagga Couple (SA's Marijuana Activists) - Video

  9. L

    Hemp Art Pioneer

    This exhibition sees well known artist, and winner of the 2007 Sasol Wax Art Award Walter Oltmann mentoring artist Willem Snyman who has developed a body of work using a new technique of painting on Hemp. Hemp is an incredibly versatile material. As a natural fibre of the hemp plant, the hemp...
  10. L

    Sawubona from South Africa

    Highhhhh Hello 420 peeps, thanks for having me here. Would love to take part in your african forums and grow forums and will shed some light on african cannabis. Been smoking for a fair amount of time and taken the time to love our local strains. Peace and love. :yummy:
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