1. S

    Leaf edges whitening & drying

    Hi all, this plant is on day 14 and looked to be going strong up until this point however with the white tips as below I am n9te sure why this is happening with my setup. Strain- sweet Valley kush Age- currently 14 days Light- Marshydro TS1000W hung at manufacturers recommendations at 24...
  2. Damages


  3. B

    Kinda odd thing on few plant lower bottom leaves

    Hello, I do need some advice from hidden master grower out there to resolve my long time question about some symptom my plant is currently going through. your guidance is greatly appreciated. For my indoor plant crown royal, I am at week 3 since flipping. Since from day one, I have noticed...
  4. G

    Seedling stem looking weird

    Hi Guys, do you have any ideas what’s going on with this seedling stem? Looks like it’s thinner in the base. I don’t water too much. The plant is 1 week old, looks with strong leaves. It’s outdoors, do you think this might be an issue from the sun? The past three days I spray water every night...
  5. Leaf Damage 1.jpg

    Leaf Damage 1.jpg

    Leaf Damage
  6. Leaf Damage.jpg

    Leaf Damage.jpg

    Leaf Damage - need a diagnosis!
  7. spiritwave7

    Damage from Light Bulb Falling on Plant?

    While switching light bulbs for flowering, an adjacent one fell out accidentally and landed on my Cheese plant. The photo shows the aftermath. As you can see, at least one leaf was damaged. Is there anything I can do to help the plant recover? Will that damage lead to problems of which I...
  8. IMG_20180225_061552.jpg


    Accident: When switching to flowering light bulbs, the adjacent one fell on this Cheese plant.
  9. K

    Thought it was bud rot but then I found this guy?

    While I was harvesting I came upon a bud that looked suspicious! I was taking the bud apart when I found this catapillar! Could he cause damage that would look like bud rot? Is he high or what? Thanks in advance, katurango
  10. Ron Strider

    How Did Florida's Medical Marijuana Supply Fare During Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys, flooded Brickell and Coconut Grove and hammered Naples with 140-mile-per-hour winds this weekend before tearing through the entire Florida peninsula and into the southeast United States. But despite its path and strength, the massive hurricane...
  11. K

    Can U-shaped gardening staples be used to LST plants or will they damage roots?

    i bought these 12 inch ones off of amazon. I also have 6 inch ones. Can they be used to bend and tie down plants for "LST" training or will they damage roots if they pierce them? i've seen pics of people using cut off coat hangers but would like to verify its okay first. i am 3 weeks in...
  12. G

    Torn cotyledon from removing seed husk?

    my seedling has been emerged from the soil for around 3-4 days now. It still has the husk attached to it and seems to growing taller than usual. Out of concern i removed the husk as gently as possible. It was really stuck on there quite tight. upon getting it off I noticed i could smell a fresh...
  13. P

    New Grower - Unidentified Leaf Damage - Help? Pics

    Hi, I am a first time grower and am having trouble identifying the source of some damage on our leaves. We aren't sure if it is from a deficiency, nute burn, bugs, or from the lights. We are growing in deep water culture hydroponics, our plants our in their 4th vegetative week. Res and...
  14. E

    Evidence of spider mites before leaf damage?

    Gentlemen, Last summer I was plagued with the curse of the Mites----- I had this happen in a grow room that could have been infested from the out doors as it experienced high temps in the hot summer I did notice that the outbreak was after I found several leaves with a juicy sticky spot...
  15. J

    Can't Figure Out What's Wrong With Plant

    I have been growing this plant for about 2 weeks and 4 days now and have done all kinds of test on it. i had a fungus gnat problem and it's just now letting up but, my plant is still showing damage. is this fungus gnat damage or root problems? i've tested the PH multiple times so it shouldn't be...
  16. Justones

    Trim all leaves that get damage?

    Just curious if you should trim any & all leafs that get damage. Or leave some to help with utilizing the light? I can see leaving some that get eaten by insects if 70% of the leaf is still in tact. What about leaf damage due to defeciencies? Light/nutrient burn?
  17. K

    Advice needed

    Hi all new to this ! Is this normal can I do anything to prevent anymore damage
  18. M

    Pest damage?

    Im wondering if this is from a pest? I've seen spider mites, leafhoppers, a caterpillar, and maybe fungus gnats? Sprayed a little bit of soap/water for the mites but this damage is only showing up on a couple tips of new growth. The leaf with holes in it happened very quickly, at first is...
  19. C

    'Cannabis Damages DNA' Claim Debunked By Leading Researcher Ethan Russo

    Critics are calling "reefer madness" on a new study from Australia claiming smoking pot will give your kids cancer. Cannabis has been shown in cell, animal and limited human trials to prevent, halt or kill cancer, researchers note. Australia is getting world-famous for their reefer-madness...
  20. Y

    can you damage your roots? smart pots, roots grow through pots

    so i have 30 gallon smart pots for my outdoor grow. some plants are bigger than others and i wanted to move them around a little bit so the smaller ones can get more morning sunlight.... the problem is, i begun to move one pot, really slowly lifting up the pot and i noticed the roots growing...
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