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damaged leaves

  1. spiritwave7

    Damage from Light Bulb Falling on Plant?

    While switching light bulbs for flowering, an adjacent one fell out accidentally and landed on my Cheese plant. The photo shows the aftermath. As you can see, at least one leaf was damaged. Is there anything I can do to help the plant recover? Will that damage lead to problems of which I...
  2. IMG_20180225_061552.jpg


    Accident: When switching to flowering light bulbs, the adjacent one fell on this Cheese plant.
  3. K

    Leaves on indoor plant going yellow

    Hello guys looking for advice please first grow I'm using 400 watt hps and coco and perlite their had been a slow change in the plants and I can't see what the problem is if anybody can help I greatly appreciate any advice I use 6 ph water with 5mms per litre which is half the recommended...
  4. R

    Cracks in my veg

    hı ıma newbee closet grower for the fırst tıme and desperate for some advıce ım growıng cherry x grapefruıt 40/60 satıva-ındıca and ım usıng an all natural soıl (plus prlıtes) under a 400watt mh bulb dıstanced at 50cm above the plants around 40/50% humıdıty and around 25 to 22celsıus my...