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    Damnesia at six weeks veg - 9-16-19
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    Damnesia at six weeks veg - 9-16-19
  3. MotaFina

    MotaFina - 2nd Indoor Grow - Damnesia & Special Kush - Supersoil - HID

    Hey everyone! So, this is my 2nd grow since the old days. Here are the details: Strains: Damnesia and Special Kush #1 Environment: Indoors in a 4x4 grow tent Lighting: CFLs for seeding, 400w MH for Veg, 1000w HPS for flowering Medium: I'm using a Supersoil mix that is based on Subcool's...
  4. cufix

    Damnesia - Strain Hunters

    Hi guys, anybody growed Damnesia from Strain Hunters yet (Amnesia Haze x A.M.S.)? Cannabis Seeds :: Feminised Seeds :: Strain Hunters Seed Bank :: Damnesia (Strain Hunters Seed Bank) - I have just germinated 12 seeds, and didn't found much on internet about it.. So I would appreciate if someone...
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