1. 1ofaKind

    LED Danger - Melting Chips

    Hi Everyone, These lights have been good to me and have not put me in any danger. They have helped me produce a couple pounds and have certainly paid for themselves, but... To have melting chips on so many of my lights in less that 2 years irks me. To be fair, I either bought these...
  2. IndyRacerNick

    Is this normal - Seedling in danger?

    So I'm doing a grow of 2 different strains..king tut and cheese. Today I noticed the seedling sprouted above soil and had the seed hanging off...i took the seed off with tweezers and it was done safely with no damage Thanks my first grow and I think I'm off to a bad start. The leaves...
  3. Z


    So I got a 400w HPS ballast and a 400 MH bulb. I was wondering if I could power the MH bulb with it, or if there's any danger if I do it? Great forum by the way. I'm happy to be part of it
  4. C

    CO2 Generators catching fire?

    Was in hydro shop the other day and someone was returning a CO2 Generator that had caught fire and was burned pretty bad. Gas line had been melted in half, and the owner said he noticed it as gas was pouring out of line. Very dangerous. Has anyone else experienced this, or heard of other...
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