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  1. Liam300

    8 Plant 4 Strain Grow

    Hello fellow Growers!! I just finished setting this up and wanted to share it with you, I just got a new place where I have a room to grow in so I bought a 5x10, 2 HLG 600RSpecs and built an 8 bucket RDWC system. I popped 8 beans, 2 Gorilla Zkittles, 2 White widow, 2 Blueberry, & 2 Maui Waui...
  2. L

    Purple Pistils?

    Anyone ever grown any strains that have had pink or purple pistils growing along with normal coloured pistils ? This is my first time with some colour showing this early on strain is Amherst sour d ..... they’re on week 2 of flower I don’t count first week .... running cx horticulture nutes line...
  3. Liam300

    Ice Cream Cake Grow Journal

    What’s going on guys, this is my 2nd time around with this plant and I love it! This plant i cloned from a mom I started up and she has loved her life growing vigorously. I vegged her for about a month and a half under a little 60w led and now that I flipped her to flower i put her in the bigger...
  4. Bubbaman

    Week 4 growing do si dos

    Got this plant as a clone from a friend just posting weekly pics of its grow. On week 4 now growing do si dos. Just finished a white widow grow a month and a bit ago.
  5. T


    I'm working on a large collection of cannabis inspired art, I hope you enjoy! Cheers :yahoo:
  6. IMG_20190913_071011.jpg


    Alaskan purple by seedsman. Hanging starting the drying process
  7. S


    My name is Shane and I'm a grower in western Colorado. I've been growing off and on since I was 15, so about 10 years. I have grown in the desert of Imperial valley, San Diego, Placerville and South Lake Tahoe California. I'm in my 40s now in Colorado. I've had much success with every grow but...
  8. M

    First time grower! Advice greatly appreciated - Germinating 9 seeds

    Need help on what equipment I should use.
  9. C

    N Deficiency or something else - Or nothing?

    On 2/14 i obtained a FrankenBerry clone from my local med shop, the claw was present at this time but the only one leaf had yellow, the yellowing and claw is becomming more prevalent on other leaves. Ive watered it twice, the first time i barely watered it, soil was bone dry next morning so i...
  10. P

    Budget ventilation

    First time grower here, I'm coming at this from a slightly different angle as I'm really a Carnivorous Plant guy, but want to try my hand at growing some decent cannabis indoors. I'm looking to grow a single plant along with my CP's in a 27"x27"x63" mars hydro grow tent, under a Mars300 LED...
  11. LeDankMaster

    LeDankMaster - 1st Grow & Journal - DWC - LED - 4x8 - Multi-Strain - "Purple Swag"

    Hello 420 Magazine followers, this will be my first serious grow and journal I have ever posted. I put a lot of my time and effort to try to get the best out of everything. What strain is it? Bag seeds that are apparently Lemon Haze X9, Blue Cheese X5, Lemon Kush X3, random X1, Barney's Farm...
  12. M

    AutoMazar #2 Harvest Time! Juicy Buds!

    This is my 2nd automazar and she is juicy! Full of trics! I am pretty pumped considering this is my first batch of girls.:420:
  13. H

    Monthly Subscription for Pipes & Accessories....

    I recently signed up for a service called Thrift Pipe. It's a monthly subscription for a smoker's needs. It was $25, and I was guaranteed a high quality glass pipe & 5 accessories. I figured I would just try it for one month and unsubscribe, but this package literally blew me away. After work...
  14. yung yatu

    First personal grow, just starting how does it look?

    I always helped people with their grows but this year I'm doing my own outdoor grow. This here is my baby blue diesel plant appox. 6-7 weeks old. The strain is suppose to be ready in 8-9 but it still looks too small to throw into auto flowering or what do you guys think? I also have an Og kush...
  15. K

    Journal - Need Some Advice Along the Way Guys!

    Alright people how you all doin'? SWIM Got 3 WW(from cuttings) under a 250w dual spectrum hps, they around 15-20 days old. While SWIM say they all look nice and healthy 1 of them oddly looks like it has split into two plants at the soil?:S, The other being quite leggy although apart from the...
  16. M

    Pick my first plants!

    So i got a order off the tude took advantage of every freebie possible i was thinking to start with something realtively low odor while i make sure my carbon filter is up to par DANK means im leaning towards it and any info on these strains are appreciated 5x g13 Pineapple Express 1x g13...
  17. C

    SCOG Setup

    Hey everyone! Hope this finds you in good spirits! Here is a pic of my new SCOG-Setup. I had extra space in my tent so I figured I'd set me up another "Pepsi-Challenge"!!! Haha! Anyway, This was made from PVC-pipe and regular white cotton string. It was alot easier and its alot more sturdy then...
  18. C

    Drool - Nugs! Nugs! & More Nugs!

    Here are some pics that I like better then others throughout my "grow career".... Thought i'd share with my fellow Nug-Lovers! Hope this finds you stoned and in good spirits!!! CHEERS MATE!!! :420:
  19. C

    How do you like my girls?

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  20. Y

    What's the best strain you've ever come by? (Taste, Look, Smell, etc..)

    I use to always hear about the white (Widow and Rhino) there both VERY good and coated in trichomes. But my favorites would have to be Sensi Star and Blue Dream for looks and taste. As for the smells, i like any kind of Skunk. For the looks I always love stuff with purple like Grand Daddy Purp...
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