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dark angel

  1. K

    CKS White Widow, Purple Kush and Dark Angel

    Hey guys, doing my first grow(s) this year after I planted a couple bag seeds I got out of a "Death Bubba" strain. Being unsure about the sex of these plants I wanted to follow up with some fem'd seeds to ensure some kind of yield for my efforts. Ordered some seeds for White Widow (WW), Purple...
  2. S

    Sero901 - Dark Angel - Closet LED - Grow

    Hey everyone, New to the :420: forum, decided this year i want to try and grow my own plant. Im only a light toker but looking for another hobby around the house, and always wanted to try and grow a plant :) Strain: Dark Angel 50/50 indica/sativa Stage: Just germinated my seed on May 16th...
  3. captainhowdy

    Please check out my grow journal! Unanswered questions

    Could someone please help me out and answer a question for me on my grow journal regarding flowering transition? I'm growing Crown Royale, Dark Angel and Green Crack using a 400W MH AND 3 four-foot T5HO sunblasters in a closet for veg and 1000W HPS in a 4X4 cabinet for flowering. The Crown...
  4. B

    Bluelinetank's - Soilless - Dark Angel - Grow Journal - 2015/2016

    Hey Guys and Gals, this is Bluelinetank and this is a first time garden in this indoor environment. From the outside is a 2x7' mylar insulated wrap which is adhered with non-home damaging Velcro from top to bottom. The door simply rolls up from the bottom in a matter of seconds and stays put via...