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  1. Photo 4a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg

    Photo 4a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg

  2. Photo 4 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

    Photo 4 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

  3. Photo 3a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg

    Photo 3a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg

  4. Photo 3 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

    Photo 3 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

  5. Photo 1a - DDAs - After Fertigation.jpeg

    Photo 1a - DDAs - After Fertigation.jpeg

  6. George from The Vault

    Sweet Seeds: Bonus Freebies at The Vault

    Another sweet offer from our buddies over at Sweet Seeds ® Buy ANY pack of Sweet Seeds ® and get a Dark Devil Auto for free! Read more and get a 15% discount code off all Sweet Seeds ® at Sweet Seeds - Bonus Freebies at The Vault
  7. IMG_20190802_180412.jpg


    Day 2/ Week 2 ... Day 9 ... week 1 veg
  8. IMG_20190727_185006.jpg


    Day 3/ Week 1 ... Day 3 ... seedling
  9. IMG_20190727_184946.jpg


    Day 3/ Week 1 ... Day 3 ... seedling
  10. IMG_20190726_205320.jpg


    Day 2/ Week 1 ... Day 2 ... seedling
  11. IMG_20190726_205149.jpg


    Day 2/ Week 1 ... Day 2 ... seedling
  12. SQl2kGuy

    SQL2kGuy's FFOF Soil, Sweet Seeds Autoflowers & Photoperiods, Grow Journal 2019

    July 24 2019 - Update Overview Welcome to my second grow. In my first grow I focused on nutrients and on training the plants using LST and HST. In this grow I am going to be focusing more on any advanced topics I can track down, starting with Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD). Once I have VPD...
  13. JubalFarmer

    First time grower, plant issues, need help please!

    What Strain is it? 2 strains, Dark Devil Auto and Diesel Auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid How Many Plants? 2 of each Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flower If in Flowering Stage... How Long?DD: 3 weeks, DA: 2 weeks Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? soil, Fox Farms...
  14. Nunyabiz

    Dec 9th 2018 Auto Grow Dark Devil, LSD-25, Honey Peach CBD, Gorilla Glue #4 In Living Organic Soil

    This is my first auto grow, I know it's a faux pas to ever put 2 plants in the same pot but I only have space for two 25 gallon fabric pots and since they are autos I figured I would try it. Soil is a Clackamas Coots recipe 2 CuFt Sphagnum moss 1 CuFt Pumice lava rock 1 CuFt microbe charged...
  15. J

    Hey guys New Member

    Hey , Im from the UK , I have almost completed my first harvest, I have had some help from reading through these forums and have decided to sign up. Should have done it earlier. I have a 1 x 1 x 2m tent with 2 x MarsHydro led light s and started off with 7 seeds. 3 x Think Different...
  16. B

    1st Grow, 3 Autos, 300W LED

    First grow why it's taken this long to start idk green crack dark devil fast n vast are the strains, 300w mars hydro in my wardrobe temps 18-24 humidity 50% here's set up is this all good?
  17. Chris Scorpio

    Scorpio's Cavalcade Of Horrors With Hempy, Genetics, Perpetual & Much Much More

    Well... as the saying goes, ya cant beat em, hunt em down, maim them, Burry em in the desert and leave em for the Scorpions. No.. Thats Not it As normal for me, I dive in head 1st, water in the pool???? who cares.. So I have 6 Fems going now in my small Veg Tent. After seeing all you Epic...
  18. M

    Hi guys - Total newbie here - Anyone here use Budmaster LED?

    hi guys, just started my first ever grow using a budmaster xg 9 led light and sweet seeds dark devil auto seeds. I have a question about the hanging distance... I was recommended to keep the lights at the top of the tent on lowest power settings for seedlings. this worked but mine seem very...
  19. X

    Red Poison & Dark Devil Autos Outdoor Grow

    Hey Guys! Im new to 420 (have actually migrated from rollitup which seems to be down?) anyways i hope i can feel welcome here! Although not much of a big toker, i am an avid grower! Growing cannabis (or indeed any plant) is an absolute fascination to me and i love every aspect of it...
  20. HashGirl

    Felonious Punk's & HashGirl's First Indoor Auto Grow - 2017

    Hello. Felonious Punk and I are starting our first indoor auto grow and since we're planting the seeds tomorrow, we thought we should start the journal tonight. I'm going to post some photos and then Felonious will post some info and we'll go from there. The basic information is that we're...
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