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  1. Red Afro

    Red Afro

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    Red Afro Momma
  3. briartoadvine

    First time grower

    hello. i'm a first-time grower. four days ago, i purchased an afghan kush clone. my plan is to grow outdoors. i have many questions, but the one i most need an answer to right now deals with choosing a location to plant/place the clone. what effects, if any, do street lights have on the natural...
  4. Blue Treacle Auto Seed bottle germanation day 2_.JPG

    Blue Treacle Auto Seed bottle germanation day 2_.JPG

  5. Blue Treacle Auto Seed bottle germanation day 2.JPG

    Blue Treacle Auto Seed bottle germanation day 2.JPG

  6. O

    Dark period at switch?

    Hi. My first time growing photos and I have read in a few places to leave them dark for 24 hours at the switch. Is this a good idea? Thanx. OF
  7. TheFertilizer

    18/6 vs 24/0: The Science

    Okay, so I know this argument has had to death, but what I've noticed is that there's always this idea of, "Well, having a dark period is more natural for a plant, so that's better." Despite the fact that there are places in the globe where plants do get 24hrs (or near that) of light, and that...
  8. P

    Any advice?

    Hello guys and gals! Firts time posting, been lurking for some time. Great community:circle-of-love: I have some bagseed growing for about 2-3 weeks on 24/0 with some low budget cfl's and i just got a timer. I was trying to set it up for 18/6 and i accidentally dind't turn it on:27: ... now...
  9. T

    First ever grow - CBDream & Dark Angel

    Hi everyone, First time grower. Several weeks late starting (mid july). 3 CBDream and 3 Dark Angel plants in pots and placed outside. Very simple grow, fertilizer and water only, little pruning, no fimming or advanced strategies. All plants began flowering between september 15th-20th, both...
  10. K

    Dark Angel stunted and wrinkled

    My dark angel plant is in week 3 in a 5 gallon DWC bubbler bucket. The growth has slowed way down and it seems stunted. The leaves are wrinkled and there are discoloration on them. White or light Brownish patches. Compared to my other plants this one is way way behind. PH is 6.0 temp is between...
  11. R

    Sick plant

    Hi all, My new indoor is looking sad, leafs are dark ,burnt and dry :/.. in need for advice Thanks
  12. F

    Diagnose my leaf problem

    I do not know what these spots are. They are usually on the older fan leaves, and they are dark purpleish black. Anyone?
  13. G

    3 weeks into Veg and my timer fails me

    Im 3 weeks into veg and my timer failed me. (I messed up) I was having it on 18/6 and my plan was to veg it for about 10 weeks but then I left it in the dark for 15hours:( What do I do? Can I continue veg or do I need to go 12/12 for bloom?
  14. N

    How dark so no hermies

    So how dark must my room be so I don't have problems. I'm growing femanized seeds, soil, Humboldt nutrients, greenhouse grow and have to move to dark room, can I just cover or is it worth the time to move to complete dark room? My plants are tall already.
  15. Klaatu

    Leaf edges dark and curling down

    I have, in 'average soil' 1 Pure Power Plant sativa dom. mother about 6 weeks old. GH Flora series nutes 1/2 strength, 5 gal. pot, 60W 'Phillips Grow Light' bulb, feed/water every other day. Her edges/sides of the leaves are curling down but not with bear claw tips, and the leaves are dark...
  16. W

    Do I need to keep my fans running during the dark cycle as well?

    Now, newb question here. I understand that the plants basically "sleep" during the dark cycle. So, do I need to keep my fans running the entire time it's dark? How much does that really matter?
  17. M

    What's wrong with my plants? Dark spots and yellow leaves

    these dark spots started showing up and the leaves are turning yellow and dying. Any idea what it might be either cal mag, salt lockout, magnesium, manganese im just all over the place
  18. H

    Seed info needed

    got a plant that is male & female both!!! It had few nice dark seeds on it and was wondering if they too would be male/female???
  19. R

    Light during 12 hr dark cycle

    hi everyone...first time here...into our first 12 hr bloom period and curious about whether or not the tiny red "power standby " buttons will interfere during the 12 dark cycle. Growing is fun and interesting but wow! what a learning curve.
  20. Monsignor

    Help! Sexing Cuttings!

    These clone cuttings have been in pure dark for over two weeks: I was instructed by someone at my local hydro store to take my cuttings and put them into water and go straight dark and they will show their gender within a couple of days. I put them in rapid rooter cubes. One plant shot pistols...
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