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  1. S

    Weak stem, looks crushed

    Hello. In 24 h my plant went from a resistant tick stem to the one in the picture. Did somebody mess with it or it happens? It looks squezed. I only deposit a litle of water on the dish so the roots could go for it. But i noticed the dirt is extreamly soaked. Is this over watering? Can i...
  2. P

    Is she dead?

    Had to leave town for 7 days and had no one to water plants. One of which im pretty sure is dead. Some of the fan leaves are still aliveish, but today all the buds are starting to feel dry and crunchy on the outside. Should I just pull this thing out and hang it and see what I can get? I'd say...
  3. F

    Black spots and curling leaves!

    So I'm growing some clones here which are in flower as you can see. During veg they were perfect specimens, beautiful! It seems like every time they start flowering is when I run into problems. I use ocean forest and grow from plugs>Dixie cups>1gal>7gal smart pots. I don't use fert during veg...
  4. A


    I am growing purple orange cbd, feminized seeds. I started treating them with ph water and a feeding of the hydroponics series ( micro, grow, bloom) at day 13; ) 1ml of each in a gallon of water and 1 ml of cal nitrate alongwith 1 ml of mag. On day 14 I noticed some thrips and hence, used 100%...
  5. coralman

    Possible mutation?

    Anyone ever seen anything like this... 8 day old from seed Critical Kush new growth come to a dead end with no new nodes growing ( ignore the shine just sprayed with neem oil)
  6. S

    Every hour it gets worse don't know

    help. what's going on. at this rate my plant will be dead by tomorrow.
  7. S

    Need help fast

    Hi every one my plant in (coco coir+ perlite ) when i see that happening i give him just pure water and shes gooin to die fast... Help me tell me what i do
  8. C

    Alone for 4 Weeks - Dead or Alive?

    Are they Dead or Alive? On Sept. 8 we will find out. Many people have asked the question..."how long can I leave my plants to go on holiday?" My plants have been left alone in a grow box with 400 watts of light and heat on them for 4 weeks. Now, the question is: Are they Dead or Alive? I...
  9. T

    Stem is elastic - All leaves dead

    Hi My plant didn't make it through a hard time in the summer days here. It was way too hot and it didn't last - all the leaves died and broke off. However, after cutting it off estethically I waited and it grew some brown little tips that ressemble buds. Should I keep taking care of it or kill it?
  10. TwoBirdStoned

    Need Help - Pennywise leaves turning yellow

    3 weeks into flowering my Pennywise's fan leaves turned yellow and started to form dead spots. Around the same time I found a bunch of dead winged-gnats that had gotten sucked up into my light from the fan, and hundreds of dead winged-gnats on the floor of the tent. I'm thinking root aphids or...
  11. movie1212

    Back again

    I am a former member back from the dead.
  12. D

    Dead spots

    First off, i hope this is the right place for this. Hey guys I'm new here. I see lots of good advice and expert growers here, figured I'd register. I'll post some pics of my grow, but on my topped plant, there's some dead spots on some leaves, I'm always having to pull fan leaves. Also...
  13. S

    The grow op

    Anyone else notice the grow op on the Walking Dead show last week? :laugh2:
  14. D

    Help! I think I killed my plant in the cold

    View image in gallery I have a 5 gallon potted plant. The temperatures dropped way below freezing for the first time last night. The plant looks bad. The leaves are completely flat, and others are flat and discolored. I know it was in it's flowering stage, and the plant seemed not to grow...
  15. P

    Should I flush this plant for its nutrient burn?

    My autoflower is 37 days old above soil and it has nutrient burn . should i flush it ? Also i am waiting for the soil to compleatly dry before flushing it. Is this what you are supposed to do ? And will my plant leaves droop after i flush it ? Also i pulled all the dead yellow leaves of my plant...
  16. P

    Do these new plants look OK or dead?

    Hi guys do these new plants look any good or are they dead ?? They have only recently sprouted but some are curled over or leaning downwards or to the side a lot of them haven't sprouted yet I have my cfl light coming from the side as I can't hang it up
  17. jddrews

    Dead flower at the top of the cola?

    Hey peeps. I'm nearing the end of my first grow and everything has been going well so far. However, yesterday I noticed that the flower at the very top of the main cola had dried up and died. The sugar leaves near the top had been looking dried up for a week or so, but I didn't realize that...
  18. B

    Help some leaves are brown and look "burnt"

    Hey guys, I'm new here..... I have 2 plants, home growing, mostly on natural sunlight, no tricks, one seems alright but the other has some brown and burned leaves, in random areas, not particularly bottom or top (maybe a little more on the lower part) , I only water them and put some organic...
  19. K


    I'm 5 days into flowering and I missed watering them for 24 hours and when I got back they were all dried up and dead looking. I watered the crap out of them with nutrient water and crossed my fingers. There's new life and the roots still look alive. HELP!!! What can I do
  20. L

    Dead Head

    Here are some pics of the Dead Head strain I'm currently growing. I'll be posting more pics in the weeks to come :)
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