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  1. jlt1202

    Big Head - Dead Head OG Heavy Yield!

    Hello ALL! So this is going to be my first journal that iv done so it should be interesting for sure lol. What i have are some mature ladies that, tell you the truth, could go in to flower when ever, BUT i want to play mother nature and make them fat as hell before i chop them down Paul...
  2. jlt1202

    Low Stress Training, Doing it right?

    Hey im posting some pictures of my plants that i have been working on and trying out the LST that i have seen, most of the pictures i have seen were from plants that used LST in early veg stage. Well i thought i would try it on a couple month old plant and see how well she does when she...
  3. X

    Xlr8's Hydroponic Adventures & Photos From The Garden - 2012

    High Everyone. :welcome: As I mentioned in my previous journal, I am not really wanting to keep a traditional journal right now, but I do want to have a place to share thoughts, experiences, and pictures related to my ongoing grow efforts. Having said that, this probably won't be...
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