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    Seedbank mega deal

    Does anyone know of a seedbank that does or did a yearly membership deal where you pay a one off 300$ and they send you seeds every year for free. A mate of mine bought it but can't remember who through and he gets bulk seeds every year like ethos seeds and some were like rainbow sherbert X...
  2. T

    White Cookies

    First time grower, plant is 55 days old, size and shape of a large beach ball did not top. Seem to have plenty of branches " do not know all the proper names". Also. seems to have a great deal of fan leaves. do some of these need to be trimmed? Also when might I expect signs of flowering?
  3. K

    Wisconsin Republicans Reach Deal On Marijuana Extract Bill

    Madison, Wis. — Republican state senators have reached a deal on a proposal making it legal in Wisconsin to possess a marijuana extract used to treat seizures. A similar bill failed to pass last session despite widespread bipartisan support when Republican senators derailed the proposal amid...
  4. K

    GW Pharmaceuticals And British Sugar Sign Cannabis Plant Deal

    British Sugar — a subsidiary of Associated British Foods — has signed a deal to grow cannabis plants for GW Pharmaceuticals. The marijuana plants — which are of a non-psychoactive variety — are for use in GW's experimental childhood epilepsy treatment called Epidiolex. The drug is derived...
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    A Great Deal From One Of Our Sponsors

    Soooo I decided to go through are sponsor list the other day and I saw this really really good deal. So I thought I would share it with all you lovely people who haven't seen it. :439: It is from 420 Packaging. You can find them on 420Mag's Sponsor Page at the very top. It is called New...
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    Whats the deal with these two?

    Thanks guys
  7. N

    So I harvested

    i let it dry hanging upside down for 3 days when i checked it this morning it was all brittle and fell apart whats the deal?
  8. N

    3 leaf seedling

    Did i hit the lucky lottery or whats the deal with the 3 leaves?
  9. R

    MD: Hospital Strikes Research Deal With Medical Cannabis Firms

    A medical marijuana firm says it has struck a research deal with a Cumberland hospital operator. The deal announced Wednesday by Peak Harvest Health and the Western Maryland Health System marks at least the second collaboration between hospitals and companies vying for state licenses to grow...
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    EZVapes.com BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY Weekend Sitewide Sale

    Don't miss out on your chance to save big on vaporizers, pipes, grinders, and more at the #1 spot for vaping and smoking gear online, EZVapes.com. With over 600 premium quality products in-stock and ready to ship same-day there is something for everyone, even that person who is impossible to...
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