1. Ron Strider

    UK: Dealer's Automated Text Refusing To Sell Weed On His Birthday Is Brilliant

    Being a dealer is pretty risky business, and it's one that those in the profession take seriously. Well, at least this guy who informs his clients of his days off does, anyway. Twitter user @_Mandieeee recently received an automated text from her dealer informing her that she wouldn't be...
  2. Greensmurf420

    Whoa! Look at that yield!

    I would like to create this thread to show off everyones beautiful yields. When I took my pictures tonight I had to share them. I know you all either grow or enjoy these wonderful plants as much as I do. So let's show them off a bit. We already have a place for pictures of nugs, and plants...
  3. T

    Hi 420

    Unfortunately I live in the UK, we are not as forward looking as you are, I have used Marijuana since 1958, on and off, it was dependent on, if my dealer was arrested or not, if they were arrested, you would then have to try to find another dealer and hope that he had good quality Marijuana, I...
  4. B

    What kind of weed is this?

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of weed is this? Is it good or bad? Thank you
  5. B

    What is "Frozen Haze"?

    Hi, has anyone heard of "frozen haze"? This guy was trying to sell me some but I never heard of this strain, I searched for it on the Internet but I found nothing about it. The guy tells me that it's like "Purple haze" except that it taste better. Maybe its some known weed and he chose to call...
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