death star

  1. KGB420TIME

    Completed My First Grow - Death Star Scrog

    Hello Everyone :welcome: My First Grow! Haven't really told anyone I'm Growing yet. Aside from my wife :Love:. So I am excited to share with you what I have been up to, and being able to talk with you about it. I am already 6 weeks into flowering(it's taken me a while to get here). I will do...
  2. B

    Completed Budlova's CFL Blue Dream & Deathstar Grow

    I have 3 blue dreams in DWC veg started from clone 02/15 / 18 gal / 1 - 10" air stone / Running half dose of recommended nutes ....using General Hydroponics CALiMAGic , Cutting Edge Solutions, llc - grow, bloom,micro . Lights 3 T12 floro's 24/0, already started super cropping In flower using...
  3. B

    Budlova's cfl blue dream grow

    Hello stoners...Im BudLova and I grow and I dont follow all the rules and regulations I let it do its thing and grow like its gonna grow, I do supercropping, lollipoping , monster cropping, topping, coca soil grows, DWC grows , CFL and sometimes HPS grows...#420:420::thumb:
  4. C

    Breeding Death Star Help

    I am looking for some information on breeding this strain. from what I understand its a clone only strain. I need to understand the process on how you would breed this way.. I would really appreciate any information on this subject. Any information on how to produce this strain would be great...
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