1. B

    Let’s talk Decarboxylation

    I’m interested to see everyone’s methods of Decarboxylation, so once you have your bubble hash, keif, pollen (whatever you want to call it) do you Decarboxylate the whole lot, or just what might be used for edibles ? And what methods have you tried with success, I’m interested to hear your...
  2. zeroday

    The Honey Oil Thread: From Raw Bud & Trim, To RSO, Through An SPD, To Golden Love!

    Just getting ready to run a pound and a half of 30% bud and 70% trim. I'm hoping to get 25 grams of golden honey colored oil from it. To do so, I'll be running my raw material through a similar process that @Grandpa Tokin developed, and then adding to his process by evaporating my wash through...


    budgod, forgive me.
  4. P

    Decarboxylating at low temp - 70C - with food dehydrator

    Hi, I popped my dry weed in a food dehydrator to make sure it really was dry, with intention to put it in the oven (at 115 C) afterwards for decarboxylation. But then started to wonder if maybe the dehydrator, which runs at 70 C would decarb it eventually. I read that it will, but after reading...
  5. B

    BadKittySmiles video tutorials!

    The cannabis guru BadKittySmiles made these for the Cannabis World Summit, and they are online and free for all. please share these around, they are quite incredible! Learn about decarboxylation to make the most of your edibles. The best oil recipe there is! And make your own canna topical cream!
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