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    Some other decent plants outdoors.
  2. B

    Not sure which lights?

    Ok so currently im runnin 2 600 watt hps/mh looking to replace that with leds/cobs whichever.. anyway i have seen a few that seem to be pretty decent for being no name brands.. are the cobs that much better then reg leds? My room is a 3.5x8x7 was thinking 4 of the meizhi 900(200.00ea) or 1200...
  3. B

    Looking for a recommendation

    I need to pick up a digital scale....any thoughts of what to get....I just need a decent one for a fair price. :48:
  4. S

    DWC question

    I have been reading up on DWC and it looks interesting and something I would like to try in foreseeable future. I've had decent harvests from potted grows but from what I understand a person could get an even larger yield from DWC. Given my current space I don't think anything more than one...
  5. PurpleGunRack

    Black Gold - Cream Of The Crop

    I recently grew 2 Black Gold from Cream of the Crop and one was slow with thin buds and the other grew at ''normal'' autoflower pace and had nice buds. Both were very bushy and leafy, I removed a lot of leaves from it to expose budsites to light. Black Gold #1 Smell: Earthy 6/10...
  6. N

    Looking for a pH meter

    Can anyone recommend me a decent PH meter? Thanks! :Namaste:
  7. J

    Howdy from Florida

    Older guy here. Can't wait until FL will pass some decent legislation! You would think that with so many older folks with pains and all that they could pass some decent laws here. Grew up in the 60's and loved it! Smoking for 50 years now. 1st puff of the day is still the best. D