1. K

    Maryland Panel To Make License Decisions On Medical Cannabis

    Baltimore - A Maryland panel is scheduled to make preliminary decisions about who will get licenses to grow and process medical marijuana in the state. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is set to vote on the first stage of the licensing procedure for 15 growers and 15 processors. It...
  2. SolMJ

    Completed Super Lemon Haze & Pure Kush

    Dear 420, Here we go again...I planted a few more seeds & would like to share this grow with you when I can. Set-up as follows; Strains: 3 x Super Lemon Haze (greenhouse seeds) & 3 x Pure Kush (greenhouse seeds). Space: open room. Lights: digital ballast 400w, 600w & 1000w hps for veg &...
  3. B

    100 dollar setup? 150?

    Hey Guys, Bainser360Pwn here, i got a couple questions i really need help with. Im a nooblet grower Any i have so many question but i dont want to be a bother and post 300 different ones lol. so ill just ask my main concerning ones. I want to get into the growing business. NOT TO DISTRIBUTE...
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