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    Israel To Decriminalize Cannabis, Fight Stigma

    In a bipartisan move, Israel's Cabinet moved to decriminalize recreational use of cannabis. But decriminalization isn't the same as outright legalization. Israelis won't be able to grow and sell their own herb. Smoking pot in public will now only catch you a fine. Repeat offenders could...
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    GA: Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Seeks To Decriminalize Marijuana

    Atlanta - In less than a year, Atlanta residents will head to the polls to decide who their next candidate will be. Several have already been making news including one candidate who has an unusual campaign promise. State Senator Vincent Fort is vowing to decriminalize marijuana in the city if...
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    TN: Dozens Protest To Decriminalize Marijuana

    Nashville, Tenn. - A group supportive of the push to decriminalize marijuana in Nashville took to the streets downtown. "Green Cross Tennessee" was the group behind the event that took place Saturday. Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall came out this week in support of a measure that would...
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    Pittsburgh Council Votes To Decriminalize Small Amounts Of Pot

    The Pittsburgh City Council voted Monday to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, falling in line with a growing number of municipalities that have taken similar actions in recent years, city officials said. Under the ordinance passed on a vote of 7 to 2, police in Pittsburgh...
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    Legailze marijuana vote online petition CHANGE.ORG

    Do you want to help legalize marijuana, then take a second and sign this online petition. Its is through? Do you want to help legalize marijuana, then take a second and sign this online petition. Its is through? change.org big big organization not spam or crap Change.org - Actions VOTE...
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    420 Magazine Speaks Out About Medical Marijuana on CNN iReports

    The 420 Magazine message of Cannabis Awareness has spread to the mainstream media outlet, CNN. Journalist Chris Morrow's popular CNN iReport shows Ron Cabrera, 420 Magazine Spokesman, visiting a medical Marijuana facility to purchase his medicine. Ron suffered broken vertebrae after a fall...
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    420 Girl of the Month Contest 2009

    Want to be the next 420 Girl? Want to help create Cannabis Awareness to the World? Now's your chance! 420 Magazine is pleased to announce auditions for the next 420 Girl of the Month. We are looking for 420 Girls of all ages, races, creeds, and cultures. We will feature winners in both...
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