1. K

    Deep water culture hydroponics

    Anyone working with deep water culture? Any one using compost tea.
  2. H

    First Time Grower

    Hongwell is on board...long time user first time grower...from seedling to pot..just wondering how deep should my girl be in the soil
  3. T

    Abandoned Alien Deep Water Grow

    alian hyroponics 55ltr under current 16 pots 6 600 watt air cooled lights lg split air con 2 air master dehumidifiers 1 baby humidifier 200l nute tank harvest master pro room controller co2 in bottles neutrodose autodoser with 4 par pumps 2000ltr aquamedic chiller 2 air pumps room is...
  4. Jackalope

    Deep Purple

    I am planning to start working with my Deep Purple seeds. Everything I have heard is to look for a short purple plant to use as a mother. What I can't find out is how rare are they? Also how good do the discarded females get? I have plenty of these seeds so I'm sure I can find a mother...
  5. W


    Newbie here and have a question. Germinated 6 seeds from Crop King and just transplanted to pots my question is how deep should i have put them in? I had 3/4 to 1 inch tap roots. I just stuck my index finger in about an inch or so and dropped them in with tap root down and gently covered with...
  6. E

    Rookie gardener

    My five seeds have germinated. The tap roots are half inch long minimum. Using a 5 inch starter pot. Planted last night about 1 inch deep. Watered them. Will they grow? When can I expect to see success, or are the seeds too deep? Temperature is consistent at 72-75 degrees F. Overhead are a...
  7. Z

    Abandoned Zombie's Return Grow: 1st Time Deep Water Hydro

    What strain is it? Unknown - random seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Looks to be indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg state If in Veg... For how long? 1 month as of writing, started in January Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Hydro Size of light? 1-45 watt LED board...
  8. T

    New grower

    Hi im new here.. i go by TMK ... im looking for some ideas.. gonna try my first grow. I received i new plastic cabinet for Christmas i wanna build a homemade growbox It 25 inches wide,35 inches tall, 18 inches deep. I have a 4 light bathroom vanity light i wanna run cfls... help me...
  9. M

    My Mars Hydro plus my grow computer has brought me to questions

    I use a grow computer, and have six of them. One for my indoor home, and three at friends house which I "remotely control" their grow operation using the grow computer I installed, and I have two more grow computers feeding five acres of vegitables, and none cannabis related crops. For my...
  10. M

    I'm going to install a grow computer in a deep freezer - Magnetic ballast questions

    Ok, so I purchased a grow computer. I've been growing very nice lush plants with LED's but the grow computer says 8amps max rating Does anyone know by chance if there is any 1000W magnetic ballasts for HPS that's under or exactly at 8amps? Any lights someone could suggest which I could hook to...
  11. I

    Shaggys grow

    Hey guys im bout to put my babys in pots how deep can i put them can i cover the round lil leaves
  12. K

    Emerald Triangles nutrients?

    Anyone have experience with these nutes? I'm running there whole line. Grow, micro, bloom, crystal burst, g10, deep breathe ect.... this is my first run with the whole line and so far so go. Im currently at day 3 of week 2 bloom. Just found 4 outta 10 males. :( but better to find out asap. All...
  13. FoolsParadise

    Need Guerrilla Grow Site Advice

    I tried to PM a knowledgeable member with some of my questions, but don't have 50 posts yet. So I'll start a thread. Now that deer season is (mostly) over, I've started scouting and preparing my guerrilla grow spots for next season. My household smokes about 3-4 pounds per year, so I'm...
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