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  1. Gorilla glue

    Gorilla glue

  2. Z

    Problems with pH or nutes? Help needed

    Hello, this is my 1st post here even tho I'm reading through other posts to learn and since I got my 1st grow goin on I ran into some problems which I can't google my way out of. So just quick intro I'm growing indoors, plants are 4 weeks old. I'm watering them every 2-3 days and used nuts...
  3. T

    Sick plant leaves clawing and turning yellow at the bottom

    Hello everyone i hate to be a bother but my plants are not looking so well and i have tried looking everywhere but the problems i have could be a few things like. copper def nitrogen def nitrogen tox or even just overwatering. im thinking nitrogen def but before i did anything I wanted to ask...
  4. Greenethumb42

    Phosphorus Def or Magnesium Def?

    Can someone tell me there opinion on this..it's the older fan leafes closer to the bottom of the plant..the leafes are from 2 different plants,I have e 3 but it's only on the 2..the bigger ones that just started to show sex..the are in smart pots,one is a u gal and the other is a 5 gal..soil is...
  5. P

    Deficient or just too much?

    Can i get some advice from tou seasone d geowers? My plants are in day 20 of flower and about 5days ago i noticed yellowing of leaves. I thought it may be a mag. def. But not sure i am giving them cal mag in my tea a soft amoubt. Thanks in advance.
  6. N

    Can someone confirm what's happening please? 1st time grower

    Only fert I use so far is biomarine from GH. Nitrogen def? Overwatering?
  7. F

    possible manganese and nitrogen def....plz help

    hello everyone, needing a little help with a first time grow. my plant is about 3 weeks old or so and has had a lot of hadships but has persevered through them all, but since it has been doing fine for awhile i want to tackle this problem while its still new. as stated im seeing grayish or brown...
  8. treezzz

    please help me diagnose my problem

    thanks to any one taking the time to read this even if you have no idea what's going on with my plant. so i have a problem!!! one of my plants is starting to show rust-colored spots around the midrib of the largest leaves! i think i know what the problem is but i want to confirm it with at...
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