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  1. K

    White, yellow spots on leaves help

    First off weapons Dosi do and ice cream cake Indoor 650 led Sunshine # 4 Worm castings Myco Flora trio 1/2 strength Diamond nectar floralicious Plus Cal-mag (botanicare) Silicate (botanicare) 5 gallon fabric The problem I'm in veg and I've been getting these yellow/white spots on my leaves...
  2. Drakka

    Help: Darkening new growth and yellow tips

    Hi everyone! This is my second thread about some issues that i’m experiencing within my first grow. I got a 60x50x140cm DIY box, I had to place it in a room where temp and Rh varies depending on the daily weather, as I got no other rooms to place it. Light: Spiderfarmer SF 1000 (24 inch away...
  3. T

    First Indoor Grow: Problem Identification Help

    Hi! First post here, discovered 420magazine through reading about bud washing and Doc Bud. To the point, this is muy first Indoor Grow, I have a - 1,20x1,20x2,00 M tent, - 315w Solux LEC (CMH) - Plus simple humidifier, CO2 Boost from fungi and a little moving fan. With - 10 +Speed autos...
  4. Southerncough

    Deficiency or disease?

    Greetings growers! So I have an issue that I originally shrugged off as neglect or just a sickly plant/genetics and tossed the plant with the mentality of "it's okay, I've got some others growing perpetually behind her... until I started seeing similar problems on otherwise healthy plants which...
  5. B

    Need Help Identifying Blotchy Leaf Problems

    I have been having an ongoing problem with the plant I am getting and I am thinking that it's starting with the clones before I even get them. When I pick up my clones they seem to have blotchy leaves or leaves without a uniform green color. This problem seems to be there when clones are picked...
  6. ThcSnow

    Newbie first grow is this a nitrogen deficiency?

    Hello all I am suspecting this is a nitrogen deficiency! The strain is TrainWreck. I am using Promix HP with worm castings and Ancient forest hummus. I have been feeding with Bio Thrive Grow and CaMg+ at 3/4 strength on the light feeding side! I am 3 weeks in to veg I am using a 600W hortilux...
  7. D

    What is wrong with my plants?

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!! I am finding theses strange markings on my plants! I am freaking out (yes I am a newbie) as I have no idea what is wrong with my babies! I began with 8plants (indoors for 6 weeks and then moved outdoors) and slowly this number is dwindling down! 1 was a male (which was...
  8. L

    Please help 1st time grow cfl

    My plants started to get a yellowing on the tips of their leaves roughly about a week ago. They are about 4 weeks old. I reduced the nuts to 25% and that's what I've gave them since. The leaves on a few of them are starting to curl since yesterday and this was scary for me. I'm in 4 inch pots...
  9. shawn244

    First indoor grow, flowering problem

    Hi there, this is my first indoor grow and I've been trying to figure out what has been going on with my plants. This problem didn't arise until my plants were triggered. Basically just SOME of the middle leaves of the plants (Fan leaves only, none of the flowering nodes seem to be effected)...
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