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  1. S

    Should I be worried?

    Hey guys, I’ve had a problem going on with my plants for a couple of weeks that seems to be spreading and 1 of them recently turned light green (hungry or root problems) in the last week. I admit that I neglected to give them enough nutes at times but I’ve been trying to correct that. Some...
  2. S

    Can anyone tell me what this may be?

    Hi everyone, this is my 3rd time growing (2nd time for autos). The 5 autoflower plants are called Expert Gorilla. They are between 4-5 weeks. And for the soil I used pro mix - hp mycorrhizae with about 30% destiny organics - dark matter My day temp is usually between 76-81 and night is 70-75...
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  4. F77EA4FE-DFA9-40D5-BABB-06A4C1EA429E.jpeg


    Need help diagnosing
  5. 37B8CF13-88C2-43AB-B4B6-F127FC8D8617.jpeg


    Need help diagnosing
  6. noobnoob

    Are these spidermites? What is happening? What do I do now?

    Are these spidermites? What is happening? what do i do now? I have ordered a drug for spidermites and cannacure for future protection.But i will have them tomorrow. What else i can do? Is there something drastic i can do ? Do i still have time to save it?
  7. Screenshot_20200503_104910_com.android.chrome.jpg


    Here is my issue these wfams are huge so you would think the need for more micro nutrients maybe nitro is what I am missing ? I don't think it is light burn ? There is fading but thinking nitro def . Early signs ?
  8. S

    Please help!

    Hello everyone, this is my second time growing with soil indoors. My Gorilla Candy plants seem to be having a few things going on..., first there are random fan leaves turning yellow, and then 25% of the leaf tips are starting to curl down and some turning yellow/brown, and then some of the...
  9. DarionOzb

    Do I need Nitrogen and Cal-Mag?

    Hi guys Im a new grower and I recently just entered week 2of the flowering stage with my one and only plant that made it out of the 4 I planted :( Unfourtanetly shes the one Ive caused the most damage to as well... From dropping her as a seedling, to breaking branches during early and late...
  10. MaPilot

    Need help identifying problem

    I've looked at all the charts and did a semi-flush 3 days ago, Not sure if this is nute burn or heat stress? Hopefully someone can chime in and give em a hand. Im growing in FF Happy Frog, using FF Nutes as directed every other watering with calmag in between. Lights are a good 30" above the...
  11. B

    Need help I think it’s pH but not sure!

    Tips on the leaves are yellowing and I’m pretty new to growing and successfully cloned my buddy’s blue dream plant and now she’s showing signs of Deficiencies please get back to me !
  12. ph spots & striping

    ph spots & striping

    if u have a day, with an unusual ph adjustment- may be time to calibrate.
  13. ph discoloration

    ph discoloration

    folks, don't chase a ph discoloration, for deficiency, or surplus... it happens; especially, in hydro/aero.
  14. whole sick plant.JPG

    whole sick plant.JPG

    whole plant pic. sick and deficient. root rot, root bound, post mites, and gnats
  15. Dirlewanger1945

    A little help please!

    Hi, This is my first time growing in coco. I’m using advanced nutrients PH perfect grow, bloom and micro as well as cal/mag. Seed sprouted 12 days ago. 1 leaf is becoming discoloured. Any ideas? Should I be worried? Indoor grow with coco Do si dos Indica 1 plant 450w viparaspectra PH5.8 RH...
  16. Slothman

    Community health check: any and all advice welcome

    I have a Blueberry plant and a purple kush that are 2 weeks or so away from harvest, im getting a new 1000w hps light tomorrow to get my 2nd flowering tent up and running. i want to make sure that my baby's are OK im fairly new to all this and just want to make sure the yellowing and such is...
  17. Slammy Pajama

    My Girl Scout Cookie is looking sad! Need nutrient help!

    So for probably about, a week now? My girl scout cookie looked to be experiencing nitrogen toxicity... clawing tips, dark green leaves, especially older growth was looking really dark and waxy/shiny. However, she IS sucking a lot of lower leaves down to yellow, then brown and crispy (lots more...
  18. C

    My Soil Gold Leaf Grow Journal, 2019

    Hey there folks, this is a journal about my 3 plants and their progress during the first 30 days into flowering, as well as info about how I am growing them. If you know how to correct deficiencies and could share with me some of your insight that would be super cool. The strain that I decided...

    Help Find A Solution

    Currently seem to have an issue with the autoflowers , recently added in 1.5 tbsp Gaia Green 444 and 2tbsp of 284 Gaia Green Power Bloom at last watering 2 days ago and Ph'd my water at 6.56 I woke up with my plants having small white circles along the edges of the plant which have now...
  20. Slothman

    Help would be appriciated!

    I have a plant that is less than a week away from flower its had a hard life.. i had been giving it the cyco platinum series at the strength on the bottle but i ended up with nitrogen toxicity.. but i cleared that uip and now shes showing signs of other defs sop im just asking for some help...
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