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  1. S

    Discoloration on leaves help

    there is a few spots on a couple leaves thats worrying me will include photos
  2. M


    Hey fellow ppl, I’m a newbie grower so don’t @ me, I’ve had this little one for about a month and a half now.. I cut its lower leafs as they were turning and I wanted all the strength to be focusing on the top of the plant. I’m not too worried about this one but it just looks healthy and alive...
  3. Calmag issues

    Calmag issues

  4. hedzenmedz

    Unknown Deficiency Chemdawg Auto

    If someone would be so kind as to diagnose this deficiency. This showed up overnight on an otherwise healthy plant. This chemdawg auto from attitude is 54 days old from poking through the soil. I am using the GH line of nutes ( grow, micro, bloom, koolbloom, calmag). Also using silica, great...
  5. J

    Can you diagnose this problem?

    Hi all, thanks for reading. My plants are roughly 4 weeks old, grown in coco coir/perlite/clay balls. I'm still using 1/4 strength nutes. They have been developing spots or marks on the leaves, and I'm completely unsure of the cause. I've attached some pics to take a look at. Any help would...
  6. W

    Can't Solve This! Deficiency?

    Hello community! it's my first post and really need help:) First attemp to coco(failed already^^) and autopots. I started with 200ppm calmag then rised to 350 tought maybe magnesium is the issue. Later i saw on the mineralmagic bottle that it contains mag too. Also my first 1000w so light...
  7. D

    R.O. help please!

    Ok everyone. I am new to this ro game. Recently moved to a place that's on well and water is bad. I am on a ebb flood and drain system. baisically asking what has worked for you? I did better this round upping my calmag plus to 5ml/gallon but curious about other supplements that are needed with...
  8. D

    What deficiencies or burns are these? Photoperiod Indica Hybrid

    Hey all, been having some symptoms on my 4 month photoperiod indica hybrid, flowering for 1 month now, precisely. Have her on a big pot, 60 litres around that. Soil: She has a mix of kilomix, new mixed with some of it already used but has good soil conditions. Ph'D water: around 6.0-6.5...
  9. G

    Plants are dying - Need help diagnosing and treating!

    Hi guys, I have noticed some of the big fan leaves on 3 of my plants are turning yellow and look as if they are beginning to die. The colour of the plants in general has also faded to a lighter, pale green colour over the past week. I am fairly certain that this is a nitrogen deficiency, but I...
  10. J

    Boron & Calcium Deficiencies - Plant Problems & Solutions

    Boron Deficiency Problem: A boron deficiency in cannabis is relatively rare, and is usually accompanied by other types of nutrient or pH problems that appear as problems with the leaves. The first signs of a cannabis boron deficiency is abnormal or thick growth tips along with brown or...
  11. M

    1st Grow & Needing Help

    I have 2 plants at about a month today(3/6/16 first day of green out of soil). I'm using a mixture of CFL's and LED's(LEDs are bulbs and one cheaper 2x2 square 115 led's, light.) they are in one gallon smart pots, being xfered to 5 gallon on Friday. They are both currently in FFOF soil and have...
  12. A

    Yellowing of leaves, slow growth, leaf tips curling and going brown.

    Hi guys. Was hoping someone could help me. It's my 1st time growing and I'm starting to experience my 1st deficiency signs. About a week ago, I started to see that the leaves started yellowing. As time went on it got worse and worse. I though it was light burn which I'm sure it was as the...
  13. G

    Looking for some input on trimming back a plant

    Hey all. Here is my situation. I took a clone a while back from a flowering plant. It had slow growth and some deficiencies while re-vegging. I am now looking at putting this plant into flower, but it has gotten away from me with its height. The top third of the plant is very nice looking...
  14. HemiSync

    Pests or Deficiencies

    What Strain is it? Medicann Kush Fromage auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid, OG Kush x Cheese x Ruderalis What percentages? Not known How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flower If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? N/A If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 3 days...
  15. M

    Auto-Flower Grow - CAL/MAG deficiencies? I Need a Green Thumb! S-O-S

    I am a on week 3 of Bloom and i have some brown on my leaf blades and the lower leaves are turning yellow and brown. (My run off Ph was 6.8)somebody please help me out. Here are a few pictures from today. Temp 77 Humdity- 45% Nutrients- Roots Organics :420::thanks:
  16. T

    Probable deficiencies in vegging autos - 1st grow - Any advice appreciated!

    What Strain is it? Blue Cheese Auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica & Ruderalis mainly I think. How Many Plants? 3 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? grown from seed, now 34 days old If in Flowering Stage... How Long...
  17. O

    Help with diagnosis?

    Hey people! Been struggling lately... I know I've overfed my plants, so last weekend I flushed it. But even if it got overfed it showed some deficiencies. Yesterday I've fed them the good amount of nutriment for GH series. For now, problems seems to have stop spreading. But I'd like a...
  18. K

    Help ID Plant Deficiency

    Hey Guys, I'm 6 weeks in on a OG Cherry grow and my plant has started to show some deficiencies on the two lowest set of leaves. I haven't been able to make a clear identification whether its a PH issue or something else. I'm growing in Fox Farms Ocean Grow and using Fox Farms Big Bloom nutes.
  19. M

    Possible Deficiency, Leaves curled upwards, spots?

    Hi everyone ! (NoOb here). First time trying Coco grow and I just recently transferred rooted clones into plastic cups. It has been about 2 week and a couple of the leaves have started to curl upwards a little bit. On top of it a couple of yellowish and brownish spots on the leaves have...
  20. G

    First time grower / need your help guru`s

    Hello everybody, I have stumbled into a problem and i`m not quite sure how to fix it. I read countless forums but i still can`t make out what kind of deficiency this is. I`m thinking either its Magnesium or Zinc. I really dont want to apply the wrong treatment, that`s why i desperately need...
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