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  1. K

    Leaves drying from the margins

    Hi, my plants are showing signs of stress, with some leaves drying from the margins and turning yellow. It is affecting mostly old leaves, but now it seems to be spreading to smaller/younger leaves too. They are growing outdoors in hot weather. The soil is a mix of 60% generic potting...
  2. Phosphorous Deficiency Continued

    Phosphorous Deficiency Continued

    I flushed the plants with GO BioThrive Bloom (2 teaspoons per gallon, 6.6 pH), then took this photo, so hopefully the damage is stopped.
  3. J

    Anyone know what is up with my plants?

    Hello! I am a first time grower. I am currently growing Gold Leaf strain from ILGM. They were currently in their 2nd week of flower. The plants are in fox farm soil. I have 2 600w led lights about 15" above the canopy. I water them with 6.5ph water using General Hydroponics flora series. I use...
  4. B

    Flushing with Florakleen to reduce P toxicity

    All was going so well, then blammo, over 3 days' time it looks like I have an excess of P along with accompanying iron deficiency. I haven't been supplementing ANY P, but I did transplant into FFOF soil 2 weeks ago, started bloom a week ago, and began using Nirvana which maybe made it so my...
  5. D

    Need Advice With Possible Deficiency

    So I have the plants in Fox Farms ocean forest and I this is one of two plants that I did feed with 1/4 tsp/gallon Fox Farms Grow Big but that was after the two plants started showing symptoms. The other plant is not doing as bad but still has some of the discolouration, although it seems to...
  6. C

    Nutrient Deficiency/Lockout

    First time grow i will give as much info as possible and let me know if you need more im at a loss because everything was going so well. I am just about to flip to 12/12 but i would like to figure this out first. Info as follows: 5 white widow (almost all the issues except last pic) 5 green...
  7. beez0404

    Just take a moment to look please - Is this a Potassium deficiency?

    I have some leaves (8-10) that are showing what I believe to be a potassium deficiency on an otherwise healthy and happy plant. I am not totally sure so hesitant to move forward. The plant has been in flower now for about 4 1/2 weeks. Foxfarm trio of nutrients. What do you guys and gals...
  8. R

    What do you guys think this is - Orange spots on leaf

    I was reading around that it could be the soil pH or a calcium/mag deficiency, but still unclear. Any help would be highly appreciated!
  9. C

    Please help - Is this a deficiency ?

    hi i just transplant my clones about a week and half ago and they are showing some sort of deficiency im not sure what it is could it be cal-mag ?
  10. I

    Is This A Calcium Deficiency? Newbie

    Hi guys/ gals, Here are the details so I don't waste your time reading :) *2 Plants - Blueberry Auto and Purple Haze Auto Using Bio Bizz Light Mix soil, 3 gallon smart pot, LED grow light, 60x60x160cm grow tent Temperature - 79-82F and Humidity - 57%-62% First watering - 5.6 PH table...
  11. T

    Is this deficiency? Help

  12. C

    Yellow Leaves After 12/12

    Dear Friends, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to review the issue I'm dealing with. About a month and a half ago (give or take), I started growing my plant under 65W LED lights and everything was going very well. Nearly two weeks ago, I started flowering and things...
  13. K

    Spidermite and maybe zinc deficiency - Help and insight would be greatly appreciated

    Hello!! I have browning and die-off at the tips of my leaves. I was thinking a zinc deficiency, as they've been outside and have been receiving rain instead of a feed regiment. I'd love some insight on whether this is a correct diagnosis or if there are other suggestions. Another...
  14. N

    Help! Nitrogen Deficiency?

    Hey there everyone, these are feminized seeds of Easy-E. They were thriving for the longest while until the 4th week of Veg. The bottom leaves are turning yellow. Growth has been stunted. The Stems of the leaves are turning red. The leaves are also drooping. I thought it might be Nitrogen...
  15. B

    Recirculating DWC deficiency?

    look below....sorry for the inconvenience. Been a while since I have been on the site. trying to familiarize myself all over again. Thanks for the help!
  16. B

    Plant deficiency

    my plants are 2 weeks old and i feed with canna nutrients aqua + 2ml rhizotonic + 2.5ml cannazym + 2ml mono CAL + 2 ml mono MAG ( it says 1-2 ml per liter of water ) i have phed my water after adding the nutes on one of the plants it looks like it has some rust ...it looks like calcium...
  17. cnile

    Some deficiency

    what is it? thanks
  18. T

    Late flowering deficiency

    white widdow autoflower in 6.5 weeks of flowering. I think it has phosphorus deficiency but I'v been watering with plain water for 2 weeks I thout it would be ready by now but it doesn't show any signs of ember trics. tasted it and was pretty okay, maybe it will game more potency in 1-2 weeks...
  19. K

    Need Plant Diagnostic Help!

    Hello all! First time grower here. I'm having issues with my plants and am in need of input. Background: My neighbor moved back to Texas and gave me 3 plants in soil with a 400 W HPS light and 2'x4'x6.5' grow room. I don't know what strains I have specifically, but I do know one is an...
  20. J

    nute burn or K deficiency

    i wanted to know if it is nute burn or potassium deficiency ive been feeding my plant a 12 12 36 solution