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  1. Tayyar

    Drooping leaves, and it's probably not overwatering

    Hey 420 family. I'm back with my fourth grow, and I'm encountering some issues I'm trying to figure out. Here are the facts: Strain: OG Kush feminized Light: 240W LM301H Medium: Coco with 50% perlite in a 28 liter (6 gallon) air bucket Method of growing: Manifolding to 12 branches Time in veg...
  2. S

    Deficiency, magnesium? In living soil Sohum/Autopots

    Hi, I have 2 x 5 gallon springpots in XL trays, healthy solo cup transplant to Sohum water only soil. 9 days top watering, healthy plants, switched on system. Plants seemed to do really well until the OMG started to show a leaf deficiency. All fan leaves died and I had to trim them off. The...
  3. B

    Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on?

    Some leaves have a rust color to them. Small spots that’s start around the veins and tips and then spreads to the whole leaf. I’m not sure if it’s rust, lockout, or deficiency. I grow in coco and water at 6.5 every 2 days with dechlorinated tap water. It was fine up until it just wasn’t. Please...
  4. Jestermite

    Deficiency dwc

    Hey guys,I need some help, this is a barneys farm lsd clone, midway through second week. Im using the full aqua flakes house and garden line. Water temp - 68 to 71 Ph- 5.7 Ppm- 550 Humidity -50 to 70% Roots nice and white. Under a tsl1000 Just did a folair spray using overgrow optic nutrient...
  5. C

    Dark shiny leaves cupping problem: Help!

    Hi guys, so its muy first grow in mapito and i am having some trouble. I have a 400w hps. Let me say i already done some hydro grows buy only in clay Pebbles and never had this issue. Now, my plants are still young at around 3 weeks into veg, new growth is getting dark shiny leaves and are...
  6. OMGReptar

    Purple branches? What to do?

    So I’ve been in Happy Frog soil from the start. I have never given my plants any nutrients yet. I’m on day 19. I just transplanted them into 1 gallon pots, so that means a whole new batch of Happy Frog soil. I’ve heard that the purple color means a deficiency, but should I be feeding my plants...
  7. OMGReptar

    Does my plant have a deficiency? Multiple symptoms. Pics Included

    Hey everyone! I’m currently on day 13 of my grow. My 3 plants are looking good overall, but I’ve got some concerns with the leaves and I’m hoping to get some advice on what all of you think. (All the pictures are from the same plant). Symptom 1: Very slight clawing of a leaf. I don’t know what...
  8. DarionOzb

    Why’s this so hard?

    I thought growing weed would be relatively easy but the more I grow the more I realize how difficult and annoying this can be. You’d think something that can grow in the Afghan deserts without human contact wouldn’t be so damn picky, but they are. I dont know if I should just stop growing or...
  9. Leaf deficiency

    Leaf deficiency

  10. Leaf deficiency

    Leaf deficiency

  11. Leaf deficiency

    Leaf deficiency

  12. Leaf deficiency

    Leaf deficiency

  13. L

    What type of deficiency is this?

    Strain: Jamaican Pearl feminized Soil: BioBizz Light Mix Nutes: BioBizz Bloom, Grow, Cal Mag 50% Humidity 150w LED Ph: 6.0 Hey, Im growing 3 jamaican pearls, right now theyre in 7/8th week of veg and I want to send them into flower today. Up until now everything went perfectly smooth no spots...
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  16. L

    Yellow tips & weird spots on leaves

    Soil: Biobizz light mix Nutrients: Biobizz grow 1ml/L and Biobizz calmag .5ml/L. (The older plant gets 2ml/L grow) 150W Led (TS1000) PH of water 6.8 Humdity is at 50-60% I feed/water every 3or4 days or so 1Liter per plant. (Basically whenever the soil on the top is dry) Hey, this is my first...
  17. C

    Help Please: Weird New Growth

    I’m a new grower growing some Master Kush from Nirvana Seeds. My plant is 5 weeks in veg, 28 celsius, with 50 humidity. I’m growing with fox farm nutrients in a 2x4 tent. I have a Mars Hydro 1000w led. I just noticed on my plants the new growth looks shriveled up. Anybody have any idea why? I’m...
  18. S

    Issues during flowering week 5: Tangerine Kush

    Hey everyone this is my 2nd grow indoors using soil temps 76-80f 1/28 was last feeding. Gave them water and silica pH 6.8 2/11. Do you guys thing am having a excess nute problem or they need more nutes? Thanks guys updated needed info---I have a 1 gal that I mix my nutes in when feed- basis A...
  19. D

    First grow, two problems on separate plants, please help: week 4 into flower

    This is problem number one and its detail. I have no idea what this could be. It just looks like something white is on top of the leaf. Bit of this white thing is on nearly every leaf of the plant. This is problem number two and its detail. This looks like some kind of deficiency, but I don't...
  20. IMG_20191022_202515.jpg


    Seeing a bit of spots such as this any idea what this is help diagnose my girl? I think a micro nutient lacking ?
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