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  1. H

    Little advice needed please brown spots!

    Strain - Barneys farm zkittlez og autos # of Plants - 5 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - flower Bucket Size - 12L Lights - (1) 600 Watt HPS Nutrients - bio bizz grow and bloom Medium - bio bizz all mix PPM - unknown PH - 6.2-6.5 RH - 50% to 55% Room Temperature - 22°c-25°c Solution Temperature -...
  2. recky

    What is the matter with my plants?

    Hi guys! Just wanting some help, I have two plants in a 150 cm x150cm x200 cm grow tent. I have a 600w led light, they are in a 15litre 70/30 coco perlite medium. My problem is I have yellowing leaves at the top of my plants. coming from the stem out. I also have a brown spot on one of the...
  3. S

    Need Some Help For My Autos - West Coast OG - Six Shooter - GSC - Jack Herrer

    Hi guys, here is my little indoor garden I'm using 400w led full spectrum and 400w hps together. Humıdıty about %45-55. And my fertilizers are bio bud and biothrive bloom from general organics. In week 7, I have a problem with my girls. My girls have a brown spots on young leaves and og little...
  4. Cannabliss89

    Fixing a Phosphorus Defiency

    This is my first time tryin to grow in the winter, I'm just growing one Platinum OG that I got as a teen. I've been vegging for a couple months now, pretty much ready for flower but I want her in the best shape before I flip so I'm trying to fix this phosphorus problem I've been battling for...
  5. L

    Upper leaves discoloration/dying leaves

    Hi I'm 5+ weeks into flowering of a autoflower that flowers for aprox 8 weeks and the last few days the top leaves of my plant has started looking as below: In case it is light/heat problems i have moved the lamps a little up, but don't think that the problem since it has not been getting...
  6. D

    Help! What is the problem with my plants?

    Hey everyone!!! I am a first time grower and I was quite happy with how my plants have been doing so far up until a few weeks ago. They're nice and strong, only found 1 male out of 8 plants, i think that the females are about to flower and the weather has been great this summer (an alien...
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