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  1. ReefKief

    Nutrient burn or deficiency?

    Hello everyone! My Lemon Auto has started showing some burning on its first set of leaves. She's exactly 14 days old from sprouting. I was wondering if this is due to overfeeding, underfeeding or maybe heat stress? The last few days have been quite hot and the temps in my grow tent were at 30°C...
  2. H

    Little advice needed please brown spots!

    Strain - Barneys farm zkittlez og autos # of Plants - 5 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - flower Bucket Size - 12L Lights - (1) 600 Watt HPS Nutrients - bio bizz grow and bloom Medium - bio bizz all mix PPM - unknown PH - 6.2-6.5 RH - 50% to 55% Room Temperature - 22°c-25°c Solution Temperature -...
  3. recky

    What is the matter with my plants?

    Hi guys! Just wanting some help, I have two plants in a 150 cm x150cm x200 cm grow tent. I have a 600w led light, they are in a 15litre 70/30 coco perlite medium. My problem is I have yellowing leaves at the top of my plants. coming from the stem out. I also have a brown spot on one of the...
  4. S

    Need Some Help For My Autos - West Coast OG - Six Shooter - GSC - Jack Herrer

    Hi guys, here is my little indoor garden I'm using 400w led full spectrum and 400w hps together. Humıdıty about %45-55. And my fertilizers are bio bud and biothrive bloom from general organics. In week 7, I have a problem with my girls. My girls have a brown spots on young leaves and og little...
  5. Cannabliss89

    Fixing a Phosphorus Defiency

    This is my first time tryin to grow in the winter, I'm just growing one Platinum OG that I got as a teen. I've been vegging for a couple months now, pretty much ready for flower but I want her in the best shape before I flip so I'm trying to fix this phosphorus problem I've been battling for...
  6. L

    Upper leaves discoloration/dying leaves

    Hi I'm 5+ weeks into flowering of a autoflower that flowers for aprox 8 weeks and the last few days the top leaves of my plant has started looking as below: In case it is light/heat problems i have moved the lamps a little up, but don't think that the problem since it has not been getting...
  7. D

    Help! What is the problem with my plants?

    Hey everyone!!! I am a first time grower and I was quite happy with how my plants have been doing so far up until a few weeks ago. They're nice and strong, only found 1 male out of 8 plants, i think that the females are about to flower and the weather has been great this summer (an alien...
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