1. Needs some attention ,defol time! Halloween 2018

    Needs some attention ,defol time! Halloween 2018

    Before defol,lots of popcorn. I want bigger top nugs ,so they have to go.
  2. O


    How much and when do I defoliate??
  3. juz420

    Grow space full - Shall I defoliate?

    G'day 420'ers My flowering cupboard is full, which is restricting a lot of light to the rest of the plant, I am one month into 12/12. should I defoliate too get that extra light to the buds? I would consider doing a second harvest however the other issue I have is that the...
  4. R

    Professional - Please - Opinions On Pruning?

    Broke my wrist this year and had some setbacks as far as timing to when I would normally prune my girls. These are outdoor girls. I've been doing an insane amount of reading over the past week, and I really want to know from EXPERIENCED GROWERS ONLY, the following: 1. Will pruning right...