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  1. Needs some attention ,defol time! Halloween 2018

    Needs some attention ,defol time! Halloween 2018

    Before defol,lots of popcorn. I want bigger top nugs ,so they have to go.
  2. 420in808

    Hawaii Outdoor DWC Scrog Grow Sunset Sherbet

    Hydro shops said it couldn’t be done outdoors in Hawaii as the heat would fry the roots, so of course it made me want to try an outdoor DWC even more. So far, plants are thriving, roots are healthy, white, and plentiful. Water temps reach high 80’s at midday. Frozen water bottles are used to...
  3. O


    How much and when do I defoliate??
  4. juz420

    Grow space full - Shall I defoliate?

    G'day 420'ers My flowering cupboard is full, which is restricting a lot of light to the rest of the plant, I am one month into 12/12. should I defoliate too get that extra light to the buds? I would consider doing a second harvest however the other issue I have is that the...
  5. R

    Professional - Please - Opinions On Pruning?

    Broke my wrist this year and had some setbacks as far as timing to when I would normally prune my girls. These are outdoor girls. I've been doing an insane amount of reading over the past week, and I really want to know from EXPERIENCED GROWERS ONLY, the following: 1. Will pruning right...