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  1. 20211102_Kini_top.jpg


    Kini after defoliation/LST on 11/2/21, top view
  2. 20211102_Demeter_top.jpg


    Demeter after defoliation/LST on 11/2/21, top view
  3. 20211102_Alice_top.jpg


    Alice after defoliation/LST on 11/2/21, top view
  4. H

    Defoliating in early flower in small place

    Hi all! I have a plant that is grown by bagseed.It seems like it grows hairs so it will grow buds.I have a small grow box with small space currently and thats the only way where I can finish this plant. My question is that can I remove the bigger leaves?The bigger leaves are bending because...
  5. Verbalist

    Bud, popcorn, growth under the ScrOG?

    Hello fellow growers! Im having a kind of a dillema. Should I trim/cut off those popcorn buds under the scrog net? As you can see from the pictures I wanna focus the bud growth above the net to achieve (maybe a bit less) but more dense buds. So does those small popcorns which are a bit...
  6. DarionOzb

    To defoliate, or not defoliate? That is the question

    Sup everyone? Hope everyone’s doing alright nd stayin safe Here’s a little update on my last post, sorry it took so long. Im about 3 weeks into flower I believe , and I was jw if I should defoliate or not? I know my lighting is horrible, sorry about tht. Trying to save for another one of what I...
  7. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

    Thriving after defoliation
  8. Shiva skunk

    Shiva skunk

    After defoliation
  9. Icemud Gods Gift Strain Seed Project (2).jpg

    Icemud Gods Gift Strain Seed Project (2).jpg

    Icemuds Gods Gift cannabis seed project after defoliation on day 15 flowering
  10. Th34v4t4r

    Th34v4t4r's DIY Perpetual Octopot With Scrog

    Hey guys, I think I'm ready and set for a new journal, as we are about to start a new journey. The last grow was a long and bountiful one. I got around 12ounce off of 2 plants. Now we are going for 4x that.. I'm undecided of whether to go 3 plants or just keep 2. It's part of the plan we've...
  11. After defoliation, clean on Halloween 2018

    After defoliation, clean on Halloween 2018

    Defoliated Debilitator and Gwillith, clean machine for killer green
  12. 420d0wnund3r

    Heavy defoliation and shock: Longer flowering periods

    Hey everyone, I am 6 weeks into flowering after the light cycle change with Eleven Roses a 100% Indica by Delicious Seeds. I am a keen defoliator and like to scrog my girls. I also keep an accurate track of my grow times which vary depending on the strain. Elle (I have nicknamed her) was in veg...
  13. 20180610_164223.jpg


  14. L

    Defoliation - Is there yet a definitive answer?

    Hey everyone, seems this is a hot topic with people claiming to be right on both sides of the fence. Is there any actual proof that significant defoliation has a positive effect on your harvest? I've been doing a ton of reading posts and journals with side by side comparisons, but I haven't...
  15. dlchobbes

    Sativa defoliation

    Hey all, Been growing for a while and have been a fan of defoliation with indicas, but am a little nervous about doing the same with my new sativas. Anyone have success or failure with this? Bassman59, you listening?
  16. Flashashh

    Flash's Pynamite Coco Grow With LED's

    Welcome to my first ever grow journal! I've been an avid follower of the 420 mag site for a few years and have learned so much from all of the amazing members here. After reading for some years i have decided its time to give back to the site and hopefully help other members like myself. i...
  17. flytier

    Removing Leaves During LST?

    Hey everybody. I have a White Widow that I'm doing some LST on. It's been growing for close to a month and there are well over a half a dozen new growth stems coming off it by now. Now many of these are buried inside the dense foliage. What I'm wondering is this: is it alright to remove some of...
  18. M

    Should I defoliate autoplants in the middle of flowering?

    Hi, I have my plants crowded in my grow closet. Flowering seems to be going alright. But I am concerned with the possibility of increasing my yield through defoliation. But I saw defoliation only on veg to increase branching. How much stress it will cause? Will it stop/retard budding? Is...
  19. TheFrizz

    TheFrizz - Girl Scout Cookie Autos In RDWC - A Defoliation Experiment!

    Hello friends and wonderful 420 Magazine community! :welcome: First off, a bit of introduction. I am a high school science teacher from the Seattle area, and my long term goal is to create an easy-to-follow grow strategy optimized for medical patients who require large amounts of high quality...
  20. N

    Day 42 Veg Defoliation

    Hi, i'm looking for defoliation advice for my plants! They have been in the vegetative light cycle for 42 days now. I have employed low-stress training using plant ties and bamboo sticks to expand the plant horizontally but now I have too many fan leaves to deal with. I want to cut back...
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