deformed leaves

  1. S

    Problem with White Widow seedling

    Hi, I've recently started a new grow. I started off with 2 white widows and 2 super skunks. The second white widow unfortunately died because it had seed shell stuck on it for too long, so I replaced it with third super skunk. The initial 3 plants are 3 weeks and 3 days from seed, and the last...
  2. MackMcMacMac

    Shiny deformed leaves - Help!

    Hi! I'm growing from bag seed (first ever MJ plant!) in FoxFarms Ocean Forest soil, nothing added. Water pH is 6 and runoff is pH 6. I switched to 12/12 on Saturday (Aug 19) but have not started giving any nutrients yet (I have a bottle of 0-10-10 ready to go). The plant is 31 days old from...
  3. P

    Newbie Questions - Why do my leaves look like this?

    Hey guys.. thought if i posted this question here i might get a quicker answer.. He's the back story--- Bag seed CFL's 130 wats FF ocean forest PH great started outside. brought inside screwed up one FIM/TOP job and just redid. Feeding EJ Rainbow mix nuts 5-5-2 OK so heres my...
  4. G

    Odd looking plant

    hi im a 1st time grower, ive got 3 plants growing which i grew the from bag seed, 2 turned out to be sativa and 1 indica, how ever the indica looks odd, theres leaves that have 3 blades, 4 blades, 5 blades and 7 blades, one of the blades are also damaged, there are no bugs its just been growing...
  5. L

    1st time grower & leaves changing

    SOIL GROW Strain -Green love potion (clone), Space Jill(clone), Sour Diesel(clone), White Rhino(clone), Bag Seed # of Plants - 8 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative (Green love potion auto flower strain) Length of time in vegetative state - GLP 5 weeks in veg & showing buds one week...
  6. J

    1 of my WR has deformed leaves only 1week in soil

    Hi got some problems with one of my rhinos. Its been slow from the start and now the leaves arent looking right. Twisting and deformed. Had this problem before and i just tossed it away, but is there anything i can do? The other 2 looks fine, and they all have the same soil and so on. Vegging...
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