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  1. Ron Strider

    Northern Michigan University Offers Marijuana Degree

    A university in Michigan is offering an unusual degree – in marijuana. Northern Michigan University in Marquette began its medical plant chemistry program this semester, with about a dozen students in the first class, the Detroit Free Press reported . The program combines chemistry, biology...
  2. 0utd00rsman

    2017 Jack Herer Spring/Summer Outdoor

    Hello all! Just planted my two Jack herer clones from their solo cups to 2 gallon buckets. They came out of a turbo cloner 1 week ago. These are flying along. First day of natural sun on 420. Jack Herer Clones possible different phenos. 2 gallon pots for now with a mix of happy frog and...
  3. D

    DWC leaves wilting and curling under

    Ph 5.8 200 ppm cal mag 800 ppm gh flora series micro grow bloom Water temp 60-65 Air 65-75 degree Rh 50-60% Roughly 2 month veg 4 airstones 600w mh Any thoughts?
  4. growguyphd

    Hello 420 community

    glad to be part of your group. I grow for personal use and have several outdoor grows but I am now growing in tent to get thru the winter. When I earned a degree in horticulture ,I never thought I would apply it to cannabis. I love how life works out.
  5. P

    First Timer - Unknown Bag Seed

    Medium- top soil from my garden. Pot size- unknown. Lights- 400hps. Temperature- 90 degree day. High 70s at night. Nutes- kelp extract Water- pond water
  6. R

    Black spots - Leaves curling down and drying up - Please help

    Hi there, I am first time grower. Have some plants growing outside in shade (to save plants from direct heat as temperatures here can go as high as 38 degree C). I water them every few days when the upper soil starts drying up. Recently the weather became very hot so I moved these plants...
  7. C

    Newbie - Cannabis & College?

    Hello! I'm new here so I hope this is the right place to ask this question... If I want to have a career in the legal cannabis industry what should I do for my degree? I don't have the resources available to grow myself, or learn hands-on from someone who grows (don't live in a legal...