1. H

    Blue Mystic and Full Moon - Please help

    hi first post very nervous. also im dyslexic so i apologies in advance for that as well. In summary: third grow seeds- blue mystic and full moon non feminized despite the fact all seven seem to be females. Room- new grow room 47 long 35 wide and 51 height in the front 31 weight in the back...
  2. JulietDionne

    Help a first timer out!

    Up until yesterday afternoon, I had three extremely healthy, organically grown plants in the vegetative state. They are on a 24hr light cycle right now in a well ventilated space with a light breezy fan. At around 7am, yesterday I watered all three (I use a spray bottle so as to not over-water...
  3. H

    What! My bud is dry?

    Can anyone tell me the proper relative humidity (RH) that bud needs to be stored at? Cigars can be aged, why not bud? 70/70 on cigars but I hear that that is not correct with bud. Please, no opinions. I need to know, I am sick of ruining my 150.00 a Q!
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