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  1. R

    Hydro, Delahaze Paradise Seeds, Soil, Delahaze Mother Plants, Critical+ 2.0

    Hey Guys! RamsayBolton from Germany here. I'm not a native speaker and i was pretty bad in english at school, but at least you should understand what i like to tell you. This is my very first post here, so please let me introduce myself: I'm 33 years old and i study math. My hobbies are...
  2. Kink

    Kink's 2016 - 2nd Grow - Organic - Indoor - Sativa - Nebula - Delahaze - Jacky White

    Hey there and welcome to my second ever grow journal here on 420mag! :welcome: :48: This is a followup of my first grow, which can be found here. I intend on doing everything this grow that I wanted to do with the last and simply didn't, due to not wanting to waste money and extra effort on...
  3. Y

    Yorik's 1st Real Multi-Strain Hydro Journal - 2016

    Whats going on everyone. Long-time reader first-time poster. This will be my 3rd grow officially but I choose not to acknowledge the first 2 as they were baggies and I wasn't to pleased with the outcome of my DIY attempt and harvest. After those debacles, I decided to splurge and get a proper...
  4. ptk2k

    Question on size growth when switching to flowering for LST'd plants

    hey all! i've got three ladies (all femmed, 2 cheese seeds from VIP, different phenos apparently, then a delahaze from paradise seeds all the way to the right) about 2/3 way through vegging. my question stems from how much and how i'm training them. i'm doing an out and up method for all main...
  5. H

    First Grow - Delahaze - 56 Watt LED

    This is my first grow and I'm on a really tight budget . Its been 2 days since my girl sprouted and she is growing really fast. I am using 4 14w 225 led lights. I can't afford better lights and had to do with what was around. Buuuut I have high hopes for my little girl and I've been researching...
  6. T

    first time pvc pipe setup

    Hello everyone, I'm a new but we'll educated grower experimenting with hydroponics for personal medication, I also truly enjoy the hobby aspects of growing, although it is proving to be a lot of work and trouble... I previously tried with soil but. Dirt.. is dirty. And building my new hydro...
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