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  1. Ron Strider

    Does Legal Cannabis Slated For Summer 2018, Not July 1, Imply Further Delays

    Nationwide cannabis legalization will not be on Canada Day 2018, as many Canadians had originally thought. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the legalization date ?would not be July 1,? which was the hard deadline for legalization. Instead, Trudeau vaguely stated that legalization...
  2. potanna

    Top & LST - Delay the progress?

    Hey guys, this is my 2nd grow with 60d lemon and strawberry sour diesel. So i want to top/lst the plants but i am worried if these methods are going to delay the progress and if so for how long? and if you have also any tips about these methods, cause it will be the first time to try them...
  3. K

    MA: Were State Leaders Right To Delay Recreational Marijuana Sales By Six Months?

    YES Paul J. Donato State representative, Medford Democrat, House Second Assistant Majority Leader The vote to delay implementation of the retail sale of recreational marijuana sales for six months was not an attempt to dismantle the will of the electorate, but to allow us to put in...
  4. K

    Massachusetts Crawls Slowly Toward Legal Marijuana Sales

    The process for licensing retail marijuana shops would be delayed by six months under legislation that surfaced first on Dec. 28 in the Senate before clearing both branches, the result of which could push the legal sale of marijuana, authorized by a successful ballot campaign this year, well...
  5. K

    MA: Pro-Legalization Legislators Knew About That Marijuana Delay Vote

    Lawmakers' speedy and secretive vote to push back parts of the marijuana law by six months didn't come without warning. Many of the state's pro-pot senators were alerted ahead of time about the lightly attended informal session last week that delayed the opening of pot shops to mid-2018, but...
  6. K

    MA: Baker Signs Marijuana Delay Amid Protest

    Governor Charlie Baker on Friday signed into law a measure delaying several parts of the state's new marijuana legalization law, announcing the move just as demonstrators gathered outside the State House to urge him to veto the plan. The likely opening date for recreational marijuana stores...
  7. K

    MA: Legal Pot Supporters Cry Foul Over Bill To Delay Sales

    Boston – Supporters of the state's new recreational marijuana law are taking lawmakers to task for approving a six-month delay in key provisions, including the opening of retail pot shops. Members of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition and the National Organization for the Reform of...
  8. K

    MA: Lombardo Opposes Bill To Delay Recreational Marijuana

    Billerica state Rep. Marc Lombardo came out against a move by legislators on Wednesday delaying several recreational marijuana deadlines across the state. "The bill came out of nowhere and in my opinion, should not have been passed in an informal session," Lombardo wrote in a message to The...
  9. K

    MA: Watertown Legislator Criticizes Marijuana Sales Delay

    One of Watertown's three state legislators criticized moves made Wednesday by the state Senate and House of Representatives to delay implementation of a ballot question to legalize the sale and recreational use of marijuana, passed by voters in the 2016 state election. The House and Senate on...
  10. K

    MA: Baker Calls 6 Month Marijuana Law Delay Perfectly Appropriate

    Boston — Saying the tax rate on legal pot sales is one area that "really needs some work" in the voter-approved marijuana law, Senate President Rosenberg on Wednesday defended a proposed six-month delay of key provisions in the law and Gov. Charlie Baker called the delay "perfectly appropriate."...
  11. K

    MA: Legislature Votes To Delay Marijuana Shops

    State lawmakers voted Wednesday morning to delay the opening date for recreational marijuana stores in Massachusetts by half a year – from January to summer 2018. The extraordinary move, made in informal sessions with just a half-dozen legislators present, would unravel a significant part of...
  12. S

    Posting after registration

    hello everyone. I posted a thread in grow room forum but can't find it now. is there a delay for being able to post when you sign up? thanks
  13. P

    Early Vacuum Seal?

    Ok, so I am coming to the end of my grow and I am not going to be around to properly "burp" my buds. I will be able to hang for 3 days, then put in a paper bag for 3 days. However, can I vacuum seal after the paper bag stage, then burp them when I have time. I just don't have anyone I trust to...
  14. Harry Potter

    delaying harvest

    My little girls are just now going into flowering stage. If all goes as it should I will be out of state for 2 weeks just about harvest time. Is there a way to delay the harvesting of the plants until I get back The Harry Pot ter
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