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    Flowering & budding seems behind schedule - Temperature? Light?

    I've got three plants in flower since October 20th, so as of 12/8 coming up on week 7/day 50. The buds just don't look as big as what I've seen (generally) in grow journals that are at this stage. I'm guessing it could be two things: temperature, since it's been averaging low 60s and...
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    ND: Medical Marijuana Rules To Be Considered In Delayed Bill

    A highly anticipated comprehensive medical marijuana bill did not make Monday's deadline for being introduced, so it will instead be filed as a delayed bill, according to North Dakota's Senate majority leader. The 82-page bill is still being finalized and needs to be reviewed by the attorney...
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    Why California's Legal Marijuana Sales Rollout Could Be Delayed

    Santa Rosa – Amid the euphoria of this weekend's famed Emerald Cup weed fest, there was this creeping buzzkill: the glacial rollout of legalization. Right when it seems like "The Great Pot Moment" is upon us, it turns out there are a lot of really tough regulatory issues to resolve first...
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    Stunted Growth?

    Strain: Autoflower Northern Lights Temp: 76-80f RH: 40% Lighting: 400W MH Hi everybody, So I've been growing my first autoflower and this is how it looks after 2 weeks since it popped from the soil. What seems to be wrong with it? Do you guys think it needs nutrients? But its still a sprout...