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  1. EhCndGrower

    Innie & Outie Grow Summer 2021

    OUTSIDE: (c)=clone, (s)=seed, (rv)=reveg Moby Dick - Dr Seeds(c) Lemonchello Haze - SMan(c) Dr SMan CBD - SMan(c) Amnesia Lemon Kush - Garden of Green(s,rv) American Pie - Pyramid Seeds Sugar Breath - HSO Mango Sapphire - HSO Black D.O.G. - HSO Sorry a bit late on the outdoor gal update, but...
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    Tric Check
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    Cotton candy Delicious seeds
  4. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 21st March 2018 - New Free Seed Offer

    Herbies Seeds Updates 21st March 2018 We have now updated our free seed offer: Main Herbies Site All Orders 1 X Delicious Eleven Roses Feminised Seed 2 X California Skunk Regular Seeds or swap for 1 X Delicious Sugar Black Rose Auto Feminised Seed Over £50 (excluding delivery) 2 X...
  5. Herbies Seeds

    New Free Seed Offer at Herbies 15th May 2017

    NEW FREE SEED OFFER 15th MAY 2017 From today we have changed our free seed offer to the following: www.herbiesheadshop.com All Orders 1 X Heavyweight Seeds Champion Feminised Seed 2 X Nicole Kush x Moroccan Regular Seeds Over £50 (excluding delivery) 1 X Heavyweight Seeds...
  6. Cannabelle

    Delicious Cotton Candy Strain Review

    Strain Name - Delicious Cotton Candy, Delicious Seeds, Feminized (also known as: Cotton Candy Kush) From - Home grown from Herbie's Seeds @ ! Delicious Cotton Candy Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds When - Harvest 3-10-15 Cure Time - 2+ months for the best smell and taste. Otherwise, the...
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