1. Ron Strider

    Growth In Cannabis Demand: A New Report

    A newly released research report sheds additional light on the projected growth in cannabis demand between now and 2025. In a report published by New Frontier Data, sales of medicinal cannabis are projected to increase to $5.3 billion in 2017, accounting for 67% of all legal cannabis sales...
  2. Ron Strider

    Nevada Marijuana Emergency Shows The Real Size Of America's Demand For Cannabis

    Nevada started selling cannabis for adult use just a couple of weeks ago and dispensaries are already running low on (or even out of) product. Almost every major media outlet in the U.S. has reported on this event, explaining the shortage is caused by distribution problems and inefficiencies...
  3. L

    Crop King and Mandala Seeds

    Can someone explain why Mandala Seeds outright condemn a 12 hour soak and Crop King demand it? According to thier guaranty.
  4. Katelyn Baker

    UK: Demand Soars For Hemp As An Ingredient

    Hemp is growing in popularity as an ingredient in food products across the board in the UK, from pies and ready meals to protein bars and shakes. According to Braham & Murray, Britain's biggest manufacturer of hemp products, the company has received an increased interest from more mainstream...
  5. Katelyn Baker

    Canada: With Demand, Deregulation, Opportunities Abound For Hemp

    CNS Canada – Aggressive contracting in the hemp sector is expected to bump up Canadian acres – another benefit for growers who will experience less red tape this year. "We've seen a lot of activity on the contracting side for growers," said Kim Shukla, executive director of the Canadian Hemp...
  6. Katelyn Baker

    Canada: Cannabis Producers Getting High On Expansion In Anticipation Of Rising Demand

    Toronto - Canadian cannabis producers say they are ramping up their operations to keep up with growing demand for medical marijuana and in anticipation of legislation that would allow for recreational use of the drug. Alberta-based Aurora Cannabis is planning to expand its operations by...
  7. R

    Boost For European Hemp Cultivation Through Increasing Demand For Hemp Products

    Hemp cultivation areas in Europe will expand from 8,000 ha in 2011 to almost 25,000 ha in 2016, which shows a triple increase in 5 years. The reason is the growing demand for different raw materials obtained from this outstanding multi-purpose crop. Hemp fibres are used in the automotive...
  8. G

    Thank you!

    MD is very ignorant of marijuana we cant seem to take our grip on the great properties it bestows. We need more leaders and above eles more awareness. Lets give life back. We have to take this into our own hands. Yesterday when I went into my gas station to buy 3 purple wraps the customer ahead...
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